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    Check this out...

    Posted: March 31, 2014
    [h=2]A Custom Truck For Fallen Heroes[/h][h=3]A.R.E Builds A Highly Accessorized Truck To Honor Wounded Warriors[/h]By Candace Wittrock
    [​IMG]A.R.E Manufacturing honored the sacrifices of wounded veterans with a customized 2014 Chevrolet Silverado that was dedicated to The Wounded Warrior Project. The truck was built to honor and remember all of our past and present servicemen and women in the military. “We built the A.R.E. project truck to honor and raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project, which is a vitally important organization relied upon by many military members and their families,” said Bryan Baker, director of marketing, A.R.E. “The central message of this vehicle is that A.R.E. supports the people who protect and serve this country, especially those wounded in action.”
    The Wounded Warrior Project Truck reflects the support of the organization, with a host of truck accessories that can be used to help everything from a stranded motorist with a flat tire, to a full-racing Baja truck.
    [​IMG]Built by a cooperation between A.R.E., Trent's Trick Upholstery, and Lynch Conceps, the truck features an A.R.E. Z-Series Truck Cap and customized off-roading equipment, including a jack, shovel and axe that are all painted to match the vehicle. The truck also features a fiberglass roof-top tent manufactured by AutoHome USA, which was added to the truck cap with a Yakima Whispbar HD Roof Rack system. The roof-top tent is contrasted with a high-gloss green camouflage-style paint, and green tinted windows. However, that’s far from all the details that pull this truck's look together. Featuring the Wounded Warrior Project logo on the sides of the truck, the flat black and gray camouflage-style paint scheme was painted by Aaron Lynch at Custom Paint Work, who used Axalta Coating Systems Paint.
    Supporting the Chevy Silverado is a Skyjacker Suspension kit, with BMF wheels and Toyo tires. The truck also has Hellwig anti- sway bars, N-Fab side steps and bumpers, and a Warn Winch that uses a Factor-55 winch safety thimble.The truck's engine performance is enhanced with improved engine breathing that comes from a combination of an APM Automotive functional ram air hood that feeds fresh air into the Airaid cold air intake, and allows the engine to efficiently expel the exhaust through a high-flow Magnaflow Cat-Back system.
    The Silverado can also carry lots of cargo with its Surco Safari roof rack basket. A Bolt hitch lock allows the use of the ignition key to lock any trailer connected to the truck, and Monster Hook hitch hooks allow the Silverado to be used as an anchor for other vehicles to winch their way out of trouble.
    The Wounded Warrior Project Truck has an aggressive appearance, thanks to the Bushwaker fender flares. The truck can also light up the night, with a combination of Rigid Industries LED lighting and front grille, as well as Oracle LED headlights and accent lighting. The final features that polish off the Wounded Warrior Project Truck are a Kicker Speaker System, Reikken Performance battery cells, a lockable truck bed storage vault by Truck Vault, and a BedRug carpeted bedliner. All put together the truck is a symbol of honor and respect to our nation’s heroes, spreading a message that there is remembrance for the fallen and hope for the wounded warriors of America.
    Photos by Dan Sanchez
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    That truck is SWEEET!!!
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    some more pics..

    The Wounded Warrior truck features a custom upholstered interior done by Trent's Trick Upholstery that has the Wounded Warrior motto on accent panels across the doors center console an headliner.

    At the rear of the truck, under the A.R.E. cap, is a Kicker Speaker System, Reikken Performance battery cells, and a lockable truck bed storage vault by Truck Vault. There's also a host of accessories lke a Hi-Lift Jack, color-coordinated shovel and other recovery aid items that are reminders of how the WWP is designed to bring aid to those in need.

    The upholstery features a two-tone silver-metallic insert with black leather. A Wounded Warriior medallion is inserted on the seatbacks.

    [​IMG]Oracle headlights and Bushwacker fender flares help accentuate the agressive apearance of the Silverado.

    The Skyjacker suspension system is used to raise the vehicle, and incorporates a strut spacer shown here, along with cross-members and steering knuckles.

    The lift provided enough room to fit a set of Toyo 37x18.5x20-inch M/T tires, mounted to a set of BMF wheels.
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    Love this truck..

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