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  1. 97burban

    97burban New Member

    Ok,first off.Barn doors.One opens fine,but the other gets stuck and you have to push on it in a certain part of the door to get it to open.What do you think is wrong here?what should I look for?
    Next,power steering pump is leaking from the bottom I think,power steering fluid goes everywhere,but its not leaknig bad b/c I dont have to put any fluid in it for about two weeks.
    Next question is no a/c,the woman that I bought it from says that the fan blows on high only but its not cold.Not sure about the back.
    Ok heres the particulars on my burban:
    5.7 Vortec
    4 door
    SLT 1500
    GMC make
    142,000 miles
    I think thats about it.
    All in all,I think I got a great deal though,I gave $1500 for it and these three things is all that is wrong with it.
    It is in great shape and has the brake controller already installed in it for towing.
    I am going to use it as a toy hauler for my sons dirt bike to go to and from the track.
    Thanks in advance for any help.I hope that these are minor problems.
  2. Wil

    Wil New Member

    Aside from the fact that the door has a catch designed to prevent it swinging wide open into the path of oncoming traffic, right? Make sure the previous owner(s) haven't had a mishap with a fixed object, resulting in the plastic on the top of the bumper bowing up ever so slightly, causing the door bottom to rub or hang. Also, try following the owners manual's instructions regarding lubrication of the hinge pins - you may have to remove one and deburr it if it is too badly worn (out-of-round) or rusty.

    I can't help with the other two problems, other than to say having someone look at the A/C who specializes in them is highly recommended - this does not sound like something that is going to be fixed with a recharge kit alone.

    Good luck. I hope you enjoy your new 'Burble...

  3. 97burban

    97burban New Member

    I think I got the A/C fixed.I replaced the resistor and now I am replacing the compressor(it was leaking).As far as the door.I have took the panel off and from what I am seeing the inside latch is wore out.It is not going in all the way to release the top latch,but it is releasing the bottom latch though.Thats just from what I can see though.If anyone knows anything,I am thinking repalce the inside latch on the drivers side and I think it may fix the problem,the rod seems to be working when I pull it down to pop the top latch.
    Thanks for the info though I am definitley going to lube all the moving parts when I replace that latch b/c I trhink that could be what was the cause of it in the first place.
  4. zippy

    zippy Rockstar 100 Posts

    From my own experience with stubborn cargo (barn) doors, I'm going to guess your problem is with the check assembly. On different occasions I've had to replace the spring, pin bushings and last time it was the check's hook that had broken. This was all on the right side door. It's still a little stiff while the new check wears-in.
    I suggest you pursue your checks and closely compare left to right. You'll probably be able to determine the problem. It's a simple repair, just remove the bottom E-clip and the whole assembly comes out. Replace the offending element/s and reassemble. Don't forget to lube the pin inside the door.

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