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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by rackchaser71, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. rackchaser71

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    ok so i took my stock exhaust off, put on shorty headers with true duals to x pipe to twin mufflers, the headers i bought came with a threaded hole right at the collectors so i extended the wires on the o2 sensor to this hole, heres my problems, truck ran fine last night after exhaust job, but today going down road engine light comes on, so i pull over and pop hood, my water hose going to the top of the engine is sucking shut then back open then back shut like its out of water so i added some water, got back on road engine light came back on, my temp guage stays at 180 but only goes up to 190 which is nothing, also my coolant water is dark looking like its full of rust, is my coolant system clogged somewhere? when im doing 60 with cruise control truck has a slight, very slight like loss of power then back to normal about every 5 minutes, whats up??????? did i mix my wires up for the o2 sensor when i extended it and my 02 sensor is not working right or is my coolant system dirty or just both at the same time?????? help please is it ok that i put my o2 sensor here???
  2. kaiah723

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    first thing u need to flush ur coolant system and make sure that the water pump isn't leaking out of the seap hole. to me it sounds like ur waterpump could be shot or clogged. u should flush ur coolant system every 100,000
  3. rackchaser71

    rackchaser71 Rockstar

    ok yeah thats what im thinking, its a hair shy of 200,000 so i guess its time, but is my o2 sensor ok where its at? in the headers right at the collectors?? there shorty headers?!
  4. kaiah723

    kaiah723 Rockstar

    i wouldn't worry about the 02 sensor yet, i dont think thats ur problem. u need to see what code ur truck is throwing. what year and model truck is ur vehicle? coolant not flowing threw the engine can cause the surges in power that ur feeling. are u going to fix this urself or take it to a shop? if u go to a shop keep me posted, if ur going to do it urself and need help let me know.
  5. cascott325

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    check your oil for coolant in it. you could have a cracked head. a guy at work had the same problem
  6. kaiah723

    kaiah723 Rockstar

    good call i didn't even think of that.
  7. rackchaser71

    rackchaser71 Rockstar

    i dont know if i want to do it myself or not, the engine light isnt flashing it just stays lit, i drove it 20 miles today like this so i doubt its a cracked block but i will check, i think my water pump is just going bad, i hope anyways, its a 94 chevy 2500 with 350tbi, i stopped at a shop today he said $110 for labor and about 80 for the pump, should i try it or just let them do it, ive kinda had a bad streak with this thing, i put on my throttle body spacer today and broke off one of the 3 screws in the top of the intake then twisted a fuel line then broke off a vacume line, so ill just eat the labor fee and let them do it lol
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  8. cascott325

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    he drove his too. it still ran, but it had random bursts of power followed by random losses of power.
  9. bry2500

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    If you are gonna have a shop do the pump have them do a quick once over everything. Especially at 200,000 miles. If you have been slacking on maintenance then there maybe a few things that need attention.
  10. Dr_Zero

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    Where about in Fl are ya?

    80 for the pump is way high!

    Check Rock Auto out they have a Ac Delco for less than $30


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