A little off topic, but my yamaha pw80 kids bike won't run without choke on, anybody?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by 383man, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. 383man

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    So I know were on a truck forum, but I know some of you guys are quad/dirtbike owners too lol. So my 2003 Yamaha PW80 kids bike won't run unless you have the choke on, I'm assuming carb, i pulled it and sprayed it with wd40 but no help, maybe i need to soak it in some carb cleaner...any thoughts? I tried adjusting the idle up too but no help, it idled higher, but still died
  2. MXZ1983

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    ok, don't know how mechanically savvy you are or not, but I'm going to explain this like I am training a monkey to do it, so don't feel offended.
    1) take the throttle off. should screw out or turn the cylinder sideways and take out of housing
    2) disconnect fuel line, (turn off supply at tank first)
    3) remove carb from vehicle, a couple extra screws or lines may still be connected but just remove them and remember where they go
    4) take pictures on your phone to make sure you remember
    5) set the carb on bench. Look at top of carb.
    6) should be 2 screws (one besides the idle screw.)
    7) turn both of those screws (idle and primary jet) all the way IN to the carb, and count how many turns it takes so you can reset them when finished.
    8) clean these needles out THOROUGHLY with carb cleaner.
    9) Now spray the carb cleaner through the holes that these needles came out of.
    10) take the "bowl" or float off of the carb. If it has a removeable float, remove it, and clean the jet and needle that the float sits on.
    11) reassemble, dont be afraid to spray everything again when you are putting it back together. You could easily go through a full can of carb cleaner.
    12) make sure you turn the screws all the way in, then back them out as many turns as you had before to maintain the correct settings.

    Good luck, hope you get it running right.

    P.S. the whole dumping stuff in the gas tank and not disassembling the carb won't work correctly. The only correct way to do it is to take it apart and clean....
    Good Luck!
  3. 383man

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    hey, thanks for the step by step, i already pulled it and have it sitting in some a carb cleaner bucket, but i'll take it out and do your steps of unscrewing and spray the crap out of it, thanks again

  4. MXZ1983

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    no problem. hope it works out. once again, didn't mean to offend you if you already knew how to do it, just like to remain clear. After soaking in the carb cleaner the material that is lodged in places will really come out easily with the carb cleaner getting sprayed into those areas with pressure. Let me know. thanks.
  5. 383man

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    So I'm stumped. I had the carb in the carb cleaner can for 24 hours soaking, pulled it out tonight after work, pulled the idle and primary jet off and sprayed the crap out of them and their respective holes, and just for good measure, sprayed the crap out of every orifice I could find on it, put it all back together, and nothing changed, still idles great on choke, and dies off of choke... I'm at a loss for words :(
  6. MXZ1983

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    sounds like the idle/air screw is out of adjustment then. Contact yamaha and find out the "stock" settings for the jets, how many turns, etc. This should solve the problem.

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