A Sad day in GM History...Pontiac Ends Car Legacy After 84 Years

Discussion in 'Other GM Cars' started by Enkeiavalanche, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Enkeiavalanche

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    I still want a 1980 Daytona Pace car Trans Am...

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    Published: Nov 2, 2010

    Pontiac Ends Car Legacy After 84 Years
    Pontiac ends car legacy. Owners of the GM Pontiac cars are sad after General Motors officially closes the brand for good. The car brand was around for 84 years and dealers were told today to take down the signs.

    Pontiac had been in decline for years. It was undone by a combination of poor corporate strategy and changing driver tastes. On Oct. 31, GM's agreements with dealers expire.

    Prior to GM's bankruptcy, Pontiac's sales had fallen. Their peak levels were in 1968 when the automaker released speedier models. Most of those cars were were prized for their powerful engines and scowling grills.

    At Pontiac's pinnacle, models like the GTO, Trans Am and Catalina 2 2 were packed with horsepower and sported colors like "Tiger Gold." Burt Reynolds and Sally Field fled the law in a Firebird Trans Am which raced through the 1970s hit movie "Smokey and the Bandit." By the late 1980s, though, the cars were taking off their muscle shirts, putting on suits and trying to act like other cars.

    The decision was bad. The brand had lost its edge. Bill Hoglund, a retired GM executive who led the brand during its "We Build Excitement" ad campaigns in the 1980s, blames the brand's demise on a reorganization under CEO Roger Smith in 1984.

    "There was no passion for the product," Hoglund said in a statement. "The product had to fit what was going on in the corporate system." Although the moves were necessary to fend off competition from Japanese automakers with lower costs, they yielded the cars that looked and drove like other GM cars. By 2008, the last full year before GM announced the end of the Pontiac, sales were 267,000, less than a third of those sold in 1968.
  2. RekeGMC

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    I wonder if after-market part makers will stop making parts as well...
  3. stephan

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    It IS sad Enkei. Back when Olds went down they were the longest running manu. It makes me wonder who's next. IMHO I think the fall of sales in the late '80s' was more due to government epa regs & mandates rather then Pontiac wanting reorganization & restructuring. They reorganized because they had to. They didn't want all that govt. epa & deq crap piled on them.
  4. murdog94

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    Gm did a poor job managing many of the sub brands and they killed off a good one with the Pontiac brand, they could have made it leaner and meaner and as a price comprimise between caddilac and Chevy for sports cars.
    Oh well time will tell if GM made the correct more or not. Seeing as there are two GM cars that i want in my garage from the recent years (muscle car era i wont even start that list) i want a GTP 2DR, and Bonneville GTP! the 3.8L series III with a blower and some mods make for a comfortable cruise that still gets 27ish mpg at 80mph.... I guess Ford will have to give me that excitment now.
    as to the aftermarket comment above, thanks to the Pontiac brand carrying 100% Gm parts they will be available as long as a GM 3.1L 3.4L or a 3.8L are on the road.
  5. wolfmann

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    bad thing si that i liked some of the newer gto's. it was nice to see cars buzzing down the road with bigger thunder under teh hoods again
  6. ajarman

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    In 2006 I got a 2005 6speed 6.0 GTO for 27k out the door. At that time you could not get 400hp for a better price. That was a sweet car and I will be missing Pontiac for sure.
  7. wackoaboutgm

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    Just think- in only 10 years from now, you will be telling teenaged kids and grandkids: " I remember when they still made Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Mercury and Plymouth". Even 20 years ago, did you ever think those brands would someday be gone? I didn't.
  8. Enkeiavalanche

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    Don't forget Saturn,and Hummer....
  9. PantheraUncia

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    I had a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE Coupe with the sports package and I have a few comments that echo what that writing states.

    • I liked the "look" of the car.
    • It had "No Power"
    • when the transmission needed to be rebuilt its second time in 1 year, I gave up on the brand because I was not going to keep dumping money in transmission rebuilds. I would never buy a pontiac again.
  10. SurrealOne

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    Look at the bright side ... for every manufacturer we lose we seem to get a new one with new, fancy rides. Like Kia and its Soul.

    On second thought, I'd like Pontiac back, please. :rofl:

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