A silly question concerning '94 Suburban interior lights

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    OK, stupid question. I bought a '94 Suburban 4x4 last weekend. It has an overhead console, with 4 reading lights in it, little lights you can aim like the ones over the seat in an airplane. One of them is burned out and I assume needs a new bulb. How the heck do I get to the bulb? The lense does not seem to unscrew, or pop out...I don't want to break it messing with it.

  2. Dr.Bob

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    OK, dozens of views and no answer...I don't feel so silly now! I guess no one else knows how to change those stupid lights either! I swung by the stealer, and the service writter scratched his head and said, " I don't know. Wanna leave it?"


    Umm, no. Guess I'll just live with the burned out bulb...

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    To get the overhead console down.......There is one bolt at the front of the console,once you remove that bolt......slide the front console forward....and it should come right......as the back-end of the console is just held in with brackets.....nothing to unbolt.

    Once you have the console out, on the back side there are 4-6 Allen bolts take those out and now you will be be to get to the small map lights.

    Edit:......I forgot to mentioned that once the console is unbolted you will need to disconnection the wires(For the Lights) going to the console.
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