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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by kamikos, May 7, 2005.

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    I was recently reminded of a "fun" time I had this past winter in my Tahoe. It was pretty much a blizzard here in Des Moines, ice all over the place and trucks doing their damnedest to keep the major roads clear. Anyone that lives here can tell you that the city is doing MAJOR construction on the interstate system/bypasses through Des Moines to allow for more traffic as they haven't been touched since originally built. (No, 2-lanes one-way is NOT enough for downtown rush hour).

    Anyway, I get off of work at 10PM. That night was a special night because I had to drive up to another town to let my mother's dog out and feed the dog and cat while she was on vacation and because of the construction and the demolished old bridges, I missed my turn, not being used to that particular route. I had to turn into a smaller side street that apparently hadn't even been touched yet. I was going fine until I had to turn again. I didn't even have the 4WD engaged because I hadn't been slipping up to this point. I go to slow down to take a right-hand turn because of an ill-placed dead end (I was only going about 10-15MPH as it was) and the even though the tires were turning the vehicle decided it still wanted to go in a straight line due to the ice under the snow.

    I hit the 4-Hi button and try to both slow down more (ABS was in full effect at this point) and to turn under power. Both of which ended up failing, in order. I see myself heading straight toward a "No Parking" sign and nothing I can do about it. I hit the sign going about 5MPH at this point, hear a groan, see the 1.5" pole hit the middle of my front bumper and bend straight backward. The vehicle finally comes to a stop.

    *NOW* the 4Hi decides to finally kick in.

    I cringe and pull the truck back a few feet so I can get a good look at the damage I knew was going to cost an arm and a leg to fix. Got out of the truck, tightened up my coat and hood (its a blizzard, remember?) and walk to the front of the vehicle. Tilted my head left and right a few times to make sure I was seeing it right. Even moved to get some more light.

    The damage:

    A ~1/2" flake of chrome cracked on the bumper. Didn't even come all the way off. No indentations. No other damage.

    So I turn around and look at the pole. Its at about 30-40 degrees bent from where it should have been and kinda scraped where it hit my truck.

    This goes to show that the 88-98 style trucks literally were/are "Like a rock".

    At this point, I got back in, cranked up the heat a little bit more, and drove the rest of the way in 4Hi.
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    That's why I moved to Texas. I don't have to deal with the snow and ice down here. :)

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