A Tale of Two Brands: How Land Rover Makes 14 MPG Sexy - Forbes

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    A Tale of Two Brands: How Land Rover Makes 14 MPG Sexy
    [SIZE=-1]The success of this off-road brand is in stark contrast to its former competitor, GM's Hummer, which logged no new sales last year and like so many Hollywood marriages, failed to survive to the 10-year anniversary it would have celebrated this year.[/SIZE]
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    Interesting article. However, from a European perspective I do not - and never did - see the comparision between Hummer and LR as very valid.

    For us - well, for me and the people I know - Hummer was a bling bling brand (with the possible exception of H1) whilst Land Rover was/is Land Rover. Meaning: Range, Evoque, Freelander - also but not limeted to - for the bling bling bridage, Disco for family man and Defender for farmer, military, utility etc.

    To me Land Rover is closer to Chevy/GMC/Caddy series of 4x4's and luxury SUV's, a working vehicle at heart, and yes there is an old SIII on my driveway.


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