a thought my freon was low, but....

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  1. loic

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    the a/c is not really cold, I htought I was low on freon so I bought a kit to recharge it but when I checked I have almost 50 PSI in the low pressure when the a/c is in full blow.
    I don't have any reference for that truck.
    do somebody know what the psi should be ? what would be the problem(S).
  2. bill190

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    You need the right tools and documentation to work on A/C.

    That would be a set of gauges so you can read the low and high pressures.

    Then a GM Factory Service Manual set will have pressure tables in it for what the pressures should be (low and high). The pressures vary depending on the ambient air temperature and humidity. Thus the reason for the chart.

    You can order a GM Factory Service Manual set from helminc.com or a GM dealer.
  3. Z71_guy

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    what i recommend is bring it in to a reputable AC shop,
  4. ejohnson03

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    Just had the same issue with my 1994 Silverado Ext 4WD.

    Turns out that the Low side pressure was the same as the high side.

    This could be a problem with the valve on the Condenser.

    In my case I had to replace the Condenser, A/C compressor, and the Dryer.

    Once the system pressure is the same on both the high and low side, the Compresser usually gets fried.

    Best bet is to take it to a good A/C shop.

    It is Kool to be cool...
  5. loic

    loic Rockstar

    I'll bring it to a shop, but if I need to replace the same stuff as you, i'm going to wait, I just spent a ton of money between the tahoe and the jeep with thing that broke...:grrrrrr:

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