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  1. FireRed

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    Google "known US oil reserves" Take the time to read and get a whole new outlook on what is really going on!

    You will be more then enlightened, we have to in some way force our government to allow the use of our know oil reserves. If you are will to take the time you will see we right here in the US have vast oil reserves that some believe will last over 100 years at the current and expected rate of use. But our government insists on using "THEIR" oil, a grass roots action needs to be started if we as a nation are to stay strong.
  2. GoFastPadre

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    I agree! I think people are putting way too much trust in the candidates for election 08. We need to unite as a force of change ourselves. I for one am willing to do all I can to push the tree huggers out of the way so the rest of us can live. They just announced an oil find in the decotas that reaches clear up into canada and you don't see the Canadians pussyfooting around! They have already started doing whatever is nessesary to get it out of the ground. I am sorry if my sintement hurts your feelings, but GOD put everythig here and he gave man dominion over it and who realy cares if some insect goes extinct. It never bothered us before! I also think that they should have already started construction of a DIRECT LINE fron the MIDDLE EAST to our doorstep!:grrrrrr:
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    here the real sad part we have so much crude oil in colarado that oil prices would be $10 barrel and gas prices would be $1 a gallon. the problem is getting to it with all the rock thats there. plus if the gov would get off there ass's and tell all those idiot tree lovers to go stick it prices would be alot lower. also if china keeps growing they way they are they will be using 90% of all the oil before you know it.
  4. omegafiler

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    Drilling for more oil is absolutely NOT the solution. I hate to say it, but high gas prices is about the only thing that ever made a dent in changing US oil consumption in general. For the first time we have people rethinking vehicle purchases, avoiding gas guzzlers, driving less, etc.

    This in turn has and will change market depend and force manufactuers to build more fuel efficient vehicles. Even more importantly, invest even more into alternate power sources. CAFE requirements would have helped do this anyways, this has just sped up that process a lot more than some would like. In other words, I don't think anybody wanted gas prices to go up quite so fast. But the end result is the same.

    Bottom line, if there is plenty of oil, and prices stay low, people have absolutely no incentive to push for better MPG vehicles and alternate power sources that reduce dependency on oil, period. Want proof? Just look at where we are today thanks to a long history of cheap oil.
  5. GoFastPadre

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    I must admit some of what you said is true, however there are some of us that the explosion in fuel cost is really hurting. Yes I hace a truck and no it does not get the best gas mileage, but for me and a whole lot of others it is the way it will have to be for thr forseeable future. I do not have the money to buy a new car I spent all of my money on gas.
  6. omegafiler

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    I hear ya, at 12.5mpg, filling up is getting more and more painful every week. Fortunately I drive less than 12k a year, which isn't enough to justify buying a 2nd vehicle, or trading in (for a huge loss).

    The biggest negative here is simply that gas prices have gone so high in a relatively short amount of time. Which doesn't really give us much time to "adapt." But it'll happen, eventually!
  7. collinsperformance

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    you lok at it from a consumer side but what about those of us that delever your wants and needs? diesel was $1.25 a gallon a short time ago and just friday i fueled up it was $4.95 a gallon---that is $3.75 increase over the last year. so truck drivers are not doing this for fun and will pass the cost on to you have you seen the cost of some foods now? have you seen alot of the value menus getting small? i stopped at a burger stand and got a burger $2.35 and a large coke was $2.95 so this change is now as you said good to have us change our driving, but like rasing the min wage will only hurt the lower income to middle family. and it upsets me to see the oil ticoons report out they made billions off us. our issue is not the petrolium its self it is the refinement. we not built a new refinery in many years and we now ship oil from here over seas to refine and then brin it back. we need the oil companys to make and update new process plants. i stop now as this will start fights........lol.......mike

    main reason is there are ways to ease the pain and the oil companys and government does not want to help the issue................i do not want the government to run the oil/gas we all need....
  8. OE812

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    Supply vs. Demand and right now demand is high. The biggest way to counteract this is to INCREASE SUPPLY to catch up with the demand (probably 5-10 years away). I don't know about you but when I look at India and China they are becoming more industrialized with more cars on their roads and less bicycles. This has led to the increased demand.
  9. Skarch

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    You are making a rather large assumption that the oil companies would release this oil into the market and lower prices. The big oil conglomirates would simply slow production in other areas to control the volume of oil being released. We all hate the current prices, but they couldn't be happier. They will fight to maintain the commodity prices as high as they can, regardless of where we drill and how much oil is available. The government really doesn't have as much say in it as everybody likes to think. the current spike in oil prices isn't because a lack of resource, it is because of a percieved lack in the future. If we could get people to stop proclaiming that we will run out of oil in 10 years, the prices would drop again. This current spike isn't tied to volume. The easiest way to tell that is to look around and see how many gas stations have signs up with "no gas" on them. That is what the issue in the 70's was, but it isn't the issue today. there is plenty of fuel to be had, they are just forcing us to pay more to have it.
  10. omegafiler

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    I'm sure you were posting a pic of my truck for a reason. But I had to fix the pic for ya... so, there ya go!


    But just because I drive a gas guzzler (as most of us do), doesn't mean that I'm in the "more oil" camp. I know it's strange, but it's true. :) I'm still 100% for alternate fuel and power sources that are renewable and idealy won't kill the environment. Unfortunately, drilling for more oil along with the hope of cheap gas isn't going to help get us there. The days of $.99/gal as looong gone.

    Not to mention Skarch makes a darn good point!
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