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  1. scgamer_99

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    i was just wondering if the load ratting is super important or not right now my 95 burban says factory load rating is E but tires are hard to find in that rating in a 35" and when you do find them they are not on the cheap side, but D rated tires are plentiful, i don't really intend to tow and i was just wondering if a D rated tire would be ok to put on or is there too much difference in ride quality and safty
  2. Z71_guy

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    you should be fine with a 8 ply
  3. bry2500

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    As long as you follow the manufacturers list load for the tire you will be fine.
  4. NoelZ71

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    Its the load index number that makes or breaks it. As long as it has a load index of 120 or higher you will be ok. On the door placard it will tell you what it needs.(Next to the tire size) LT245/75R16E 120Q for example. Most larger sizes like 35's on up are LRD's with high load index numbers.

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