? about oil capacity rear diff.

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by dpeter, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. dpeter

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    Just changed oil in rear differential and the amount of oil drained out not near what I put back in. Quart and a half out and three quarts back and absolutly no evidence of a leak anywhere. The owners manual tells me what oil to use but not amount. This is a 2000 yukon with 80,000 miles that i have had for about four months. Tag on the differential suggest a level to maintain- 15 to 40 mm below fill hole (not real easy to determine). So the question is... What is the fluid capacity of the rear differential?

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    For the Rear Differential Capacity.....
    Rear Drive Axle (8.6") 2.03 liters (2.15 quarts)

    Rear Drive Axle (9.5") 2.60 liters (2.75 quarts)

    Rear Drive Axle (9.75") 2.84 liters (3.00 quarts)

    Rear Drive Axle (10.5") 2.60 liters (2.75 quarts)

    Rear Drive Axle (11.5") 3.00 liters (3.17 quarts)

    Your......2000" Yukon Would Be the First One on the List.....the 8.6"....and For My Silverado It Took....2-1/2 Quarts to Fill.
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  3. dpeter

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    Hmmmm, still doesn't add up but whatever it is, for sure it was low and now it is "adequate". Thanks for the info Heartbeat.
  4. packerhead78

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    Do you no the ring gear for my truck. I got a 97 k1500. I wanted to change my oil in minebut idk the ring gear and didnt wanna tear her apart n be screwed if i aint got the right amount
  5. dedmon27

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    A quick reminder when you fill your diff, front or rear, back up make sure the vehicle is level.
  6. stchman

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    Same thing for me on my 2013 Silverado. I changed the rear axle fluid and pulled 2.25 quarts and put 3 quarts back in. I filled it on level ground until fluid came running out the fill hole.

    I've read literally hundreds of different posts and even called the dealer and asked one of the service guys. The consensus was to fill the diff until fluid runs out the fill hole.

    How in the heck does one measure 15mm below the fill hole and do it accurately?
  7. dpeter

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    I bent a piece of wire at right angle and made one end 30 mm long and marked it at 5 mm increments and made the other end about four inches long so as not to accidently lose it into the hole

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