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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by trapper_canada, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I picked up a 2000 GMC Sierra 4x4 last week. Let's just say the truck is pretty 'tired'. It has about 180,000 miles on it and hasn't been treated very well.

    I am going to be reading as much as I can to find out the best way to nurse her back to happiness.

    I can't do much big stuff myself...but I have a mechanic that isn't too bad. Just need to tell him what to do.

    Took it in for a safety so I could get an idea what's up. They said all the ball joints are bad. Idler/ Pitman arm is warn out, u-joints of front drive shaft warn, steering box leak, rear axle leaks, and some other lovely stuff.

    Near as I can tell the engine is still running strong and the transmission seems smooth.

    Hopefully we can get this truck going and last me a few years.
  2. unplugged

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    Welcome and congrats on the new wheels. Check back here for tips and take some pics of the suspension work and post them here.
  3. GMPartsClub

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  4. retired2001

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    Welcome to the site! With the miles on the truck, if it wasn't maintained well those problems are probably about right. If the drive train is good the rest of it shouldn't be too expensive (easy for me to say!). Good luck and have fun!
  5. Eddie Z71

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    Welcome to the site!:glasses:
  6. omegafiler

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    Welcome to the forum and good luck with the repairs!
  7. jerseymike68

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    trapper_canada: hi, welcome to our forum...congratz to your new purchase...
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    Welcome to the forum
  9. canislupis69

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    Welcome and good luck!
  10. Been quoted $2K for the work (part/labour/tax). A lot for owning a vehicle 5 miles but I paid a low price so if this bring everything up to speed than I am OK.

    Ignition switch, Upper and Lower Ball joints, Idler and Pittman arm, Front shocks, U-joint, new tank straps and an axle shaft seal. Oil and transmission fluid change as well.

    Should have it back Thursday. :party:

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