ABS and Airbag light 2001 Yukon XL

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by wbricki, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. wbricki

    wbricki New Member

    The ABS and Airbag light are intermittently going on and off. Neither stays on longer than a few seconds and never both at the same time. It isn't happening constantly. They will cycle back and forth once and then be off for awhile before they start again. It seems like the ABS comes on first, then when that one goes out the airbag will light. I tried disconnecting the battery for a half hour, but that didn't do anything. Any ideas?.................Bill
  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Welcome to the club, Bill. I would start with having the truck scanned for codes.
  3. TRPLXL2

    TRPLXL2 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the club!!

    My two cents are grounding issue, OR BCM on it's way out. You need to find someone who can do ABS and airbag codes, because Autozone's scanner is not capable of pulling these.
  4. wbricki

    wbricki New Member

    Thanks for the 'welcome" ! We have owned the Truck since new, With the exception of the ECBM going bad, 4 to date. We love the truck and it has been trouble free.

    The last ECBM went bad this past summer. Located under the drivers seat on the frame rail, I replaced it and all was good until now. Why ABS and airbags? Could I have a voltage problem? With maybe the alternator begining to crap out?.................Bill
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  5. TRPLXL2

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    Wow four of them, that's crazy!!! You have gotta have a major short or grounding issue in that truck, most of the time the truck will be in the junkyard before one of them goes bad... When you replaced them were they with brand new ones, or were they from a salvage yard? Reason I ask Is because they are VIN specific, and must be flashed to be recognized by your vehicle. I think I would be checking the main junction block under the driver's side dash, for maybe a moisture issue or possible frayed wires..

    I have alternators go bad in newer cars, and have never had that effect any of my computers...
  6. wbricki

    wbricki New Member

    The first was replaced under warranty by the dealer. The last 2 I purchased from GM. At $600 a pop it hurt a bit. When they failed, the solenoids would just start chattering and I'd have to pull the fuse under the hood to get them to stop. The ABS worked without having it "flashed". I'll check out the junction box that you mentioned and keep you posted.
  7. wbricki

    wbricki New Member

    / update

    Things have gotten really weird. The indicator for the trans shifter display disappears, the gas gauge pegs on empty, even with a full tank, the message center displays security, battery, low fuel and the ABS and Airbag keep alternating. Then on other days it is less weird. On Christmas I drove for a half hour with the security message on constantly. When we returned home, every thing was normal again. The truck runs normally, why is my dashboard freaking out?..............Bill
  8. SurrealOne

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    This times two (2).
  9. wbricki

    wbricki New Member

    Ground it is.....

    Every thing else works. Power windows, door locks, heat, radio etc. I'm guessing it would have to be an IC ground issue because everything else seems to work fine. Any links on how to pull IC out? Mechanically the truck is good, these damn electronics just add another level of complexity to the vehicle...........Bill
  10. dipstick

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    Just went through this at another place... check all wiring ..at fuse box and ecm .... you have a bad ground
    Only thing that will drop a fuel gauge to empty.

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