ABS/Brake lights come on itermittently

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by palmer_df0130, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. palmer_df0130

    palmer_df0130 Rockstar

    Hey all,

    I am getting the ABS/Brake light on intermittently during the last few weeks. They have never come on while driving only on start-up. I can turn the truck off and back on and they will not come back on. I scanned the codes and got C0222/C0226. I took the ABS sensors out of the hubs and cleaned them up and it took about a day before the lights came back on. It doesn't do it every time I start it though. Would replacing the hubs do away with this issue? I plan on replacing the drivers side anyway at a minimum since it sounds like that one is starting to go bad.(Getting the roar sound but no play) I have read that replacing the hubs have fixed the problem and others said that repairing/replacing the ECBM fixed it. What do you all think I should do first? Thanks in advance.
  2. Pikey

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    Try cleaning the hub surface where the sensor mounts. Any corrosion between the sensor and the hub can cause the sensor to move away from the sensor wheel just enough to cause an issue.
  3. BRB46

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    I am having a similar issue but my ABS activates when going down my steep driveway.But not icy or muddy. What type of scan tool do you use to read these codes. I'm guessing a wheel sensor is to blame but I don't want to just replace them randomly. Are those codes specific to each wheel. I have had each front hub replaced. One last year and one the year before. Hope this isn't to much of a highjacking of this post
  4. poncho62

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    Most of the time, ABS issues are caused by the hub bearings going bad....Change the bad hub and then see if you still have the problem, bet you dont
  5. palmer_df0130

    palmer_df0130 Rockstar

    I did do this, but maybe I didn't do it good enough. All I had was a small wire brush and got it as good as I could. If I get time I may take it all apart and get it better.

    - - - Updated - - -

    BRB46, I went to O'rielly's Auto Parts and borrowed their scanner. It had a setting for ABS.

    Poncho62- Soon as I get the cash I will replace the drivers side and see if that fixes it. Can one bad hub cause the opposite side to throw a code?
  6. j cat

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    when you have these ABS lights and or no braking at 5 MPH or less this is most always the hubs are rusted or damaged INSIDE , not the exterior surface. now excessive rust on the mating surface of the hub can push out the sensor but this is not the real reason these fail. the hub bearing seal GM used is made from defective steel that rusts out , the dirt and water enter the hub bearing destroying the bearings...

    the sensors do get damaged, when the rust gets on the pickup which is a magnet so this is why after you clean this really good you get maybe a few days of no abs issues.

    the proper way to troubleshoot this is to rotate the hub [place a socket on a stud] and spin the hub while you measure the volts at the sensor connector . you need .3 AC volts..a good reading on a new sensor will be more than .5 volts AC. check both sides.. when you remove the sensor and you see rusty grease or any metal debris on the sensor end you then buy a new hub.......

    one time I tried an experiment where I pumped grease into the sensor bore.. I pumped until the grease come out the badck of the hub at the seal rotating the hub so that it was fully greased.. most of the rusted grease come out the back side.. that solved the problem for about 3 months.. this was just a test ..it also made this hub much quieter.. that is another indication of hub failures...
  7. palmer_df0130

    palmer_df0130 Rockstar

    Thanks for the info jcat. I thought about squirting some grease in there too when I had the sensor out but wasn't sure if would hurt anything or not so I didn't do it.
  8. Rocketmanh5

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    Check your brake fluid level. Trust me. When regearing my truck the wheel cylinder got busted and we forgot to add more to it. Next day the lights were coming on and off.
  9. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    the vehicle is a 1999 NBS silverado . 4 wheel disk brakes [no brake cylinders]
  10. palmer_df0130

    palmer_df0130 Rockstar

    Fluid level is good. Just waitin to get new hubs and see if that fixes it. Its just weird that every so often the lights only come on when I start the truck. If I turn it off and restart it they are off. They have never come on while driving.

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