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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Magna86, Feb 25, 2011.

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    The ABS system is acting up on my truck. I had this issue a few months ago but just pulled the fuse as I knew I woudl be doing brakes soon. The ABS is kicking in when I'm almost at a complete stop making the stop further. So I assume its reading a slip or 0 speed. It also kicks in when I'm feathering the brake like when you drive through a parking lot. The ABS light is not coming on. When I did the brakes on all 4 I replaced the front wheel speed sensors and cleaned the teeth of the ABS ring. I used brake clean and compressed air down the sensor hole while rotating the drive shaft. Is there another sensor that could be reading incorrectly? I didn't see a sensor for the rear hubs or in the differential. Any help would be great. Worst case I pull the fuse again but like driving my truck with no warning lights on! :great:
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    In the April 2011 issue of Off-Road magazine theres a section called GM trucks maladies and cures (page 62). It talks about ABS issues and cures in this months issue. If you can find this issue it may help. It talks about the ABS modules being prone to failure and options fixing it.

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