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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by FireRed, Oct 23, 2010.

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    I had a problem with my ABS, one day the motor just kept running, I had read about a fix up here but could no find the post when I had my problem. I ended up sending my module off to be rebuilt instead of paying $700.00 to the dealer for a replacement that would have been no better! I ended up going onto Ebay and using a company called Circuit Solutions out n Idaho, they replace the weak 75 amp motor amplifier withe a 140 amp unit and guarantee the unit for five years. It was a pretty simple operation pulling the module off, the brakes work perfectly without it you just do not have ABS. There are three plugs and for small screws to get it off, cost me about $150 with shipping. The GM part is weaker and has a very short guarantee by comparison, I would recommend this to anyone with a module problem. Remember if the ABS motor located up front is constantly running pull the 60 amp fuse and send your unit off!

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    What do you mean the motor just kept running?

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    Steve.....When the Motor for Electronic Brake and Traction Control Module goes Out.....it will Continue Running even with the Engine off.....the Only way to Stop the (EBCM) Motor from Running is to Pull the Fuse....I had it Happen a Few Years Back on my Truck.
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    Sucks! Good to know, though. Thanks!

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