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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by FireRed, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. FireRed

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    Hi I am on Long Island we had a ton of snow so I may have a freeze issue, my ABS light came on and the ABS motor kept running even with the key off. For now I pulled the 60amp fuse until I find out what to do, any input greatly appreciated.


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    If this is happen on your 2002 Chevy Suburban......Went you turned off your Engine and you heard a motor still running,then it sounds like your Electronic Brake & Traction Control Module......It is on the Driver's Side,on the inside of the Fame-Rail just in front of your Gas Tank.....When mine went out Chevy replaced it with a New one.,as my Truck was still under Warranty...So I don't know how much a New one will Cost......
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  3. FireRed

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    If it is nasty in price I will leave the darn fuse out until I find a used one!



    Correction it is under the hood left side near the radiator!!!!!!
  4. Viper

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    I'd hazard a guess around 1000 for the EBTCM
  5. FireRed

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    Spoke to a buddy, it happened to him last year. A few days later when things warmed up the problem went away, he asked around and found out it was common for the wheel sensor to freeze in very cold weather. So he I sit HOPING!!
  6. FireRed

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    An update the problem did not go away will a little warmer temps, the unit I am speaking of is just behind the radiator on the drivers side of the engine. I did a little test I put the fuse back in and tried the brakes on hte ice and on the dry the ABS kicks in and out normally as it did before, the fuse is back out. I think a sensor went bad so that motor thinks it has to run!!!!

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