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  1. nw3dogs

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    I have an 05 Tahoe Z71. The problem im having is when im coming to a stop, the abs engages. doesnt do it all the time just randomly, when applying the brakes, not standing on them. Turned the rotors, pads are decent so it shouldnt be them. Changing the hub assy, a few years back, not sure if that is the problem since the sensor is in them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. MTM

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    Had a similar problem it was the sensor
  3. nw3dogs

    nw3dogs New Member

    were you able to change just the sensor, or did you have to replace the hub assy?
  4. 08_rado_rocker

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  5. BillD64

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    On the earlier model light trucks GM had a corrosion problem where the ABS sensor plugged into the hub. That spot would get rusty and would affect the ABS. There was a recall on the issue. My 03 wasn't involved in the recall but had the same corrosion issue. Since I have stability and traction control Vs just ABS the first thing that starts acting up is the traction control. I will be accelerating away from a traffic light and the Tahoe will suddenly slow down like the brakes are on (they are) and if I lift off the gas pedal TC will shut off and let the truck keep up with traffic. The first time it happened it was covered under warranty but it does seem to happen every two to three years and I have the dealership clean the place where the sensors plug in and the problem goes away.

    Don't know if this issue was resolved by the time the 05's hit the market but it might be worth checking out.

  6. MTM

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    just the sensor
  7. nw3dogs

    nw3dogs New Member

    taking a look at it today, hopefully it is just the sensor. thanks for everyone's input.

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