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    I have a 2005 silverado ext cab 4x4 (with only 17,000 miles) and the ABS is engaging at random. The ABS light is NOT on, nor has it ever come on. When I come to a slow stop the ABS kicks in, or when I make sharp, tight left turns it kicks in (even though i do not have my foot on the brake). It does not occur every time, it is random, so I am unsure of the cause...would appreciate any insights you may have...? Could this just been an ABS sensor, or some bigger problem?
  2. Jimmiee

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    You probably have an issue with one of the wheel speed sensors. A bent bracket or a rock or mud can cause the sensor to send false signals to the computer. This causes the ABS to act up. There might be a code stored in memory. If so it will tell you which sensor is acting up.
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    If your ABS is engaging on regular road conditions, jack the front end of your truck up and check your from wheel bearings in both sides. I the pressed bearing happened to blow out it will leak grease onto the wheel speed sensor causing the abs to kick on and off at random times when braking because the sensor has grease on it.

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