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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by wadestevens, Feb 23, 2010.

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    i've been checking other posts on here about abs problems with these late model gm trucks. First off did the general not see the malfuctioning brakes at low speeds not a problem as to warrant a recall (i quess i should have bought a toyota instead LOL).my truck when comeing to a low speed stop ingages abs on front wheels only, the problem is it takes longer to stop.It does this at three stop signs and then disables the abs system untill i restart the engine.I've read on other web sites that the problem is that the front sensors corroad where they enter the hub. they said if you pull the sensors and cleaned the matting surffaces that the problem would be resolved. I tried and it didn't work. according to the parts stores around my area you can't by just the sensors you have to buy the hub assemblies. who besides the dealer sells just the sensors i found some @ rock auto and from dorman products but not for the gvw of my truck. where else do i look for just the sensors?
    I also read a thread on here on how to get rid of the irrataiting clunking from my steering shaft. I'm trying this on the next day. If i get the abs fixed and the steering shaft,then all i have to fix is the crappy stereo lights that went out just after warranty ran out....
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    I have found that WWW.Napaonline.com carries just the ABS sensor. They sell ABS Sensor, ABS sensor with mounting bracket, or with the wheel hub.
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    did you get the code out of the ebcm? could be alot of things.

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