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    My daughter has a 99 S-10 Blazer 4.3L 2WD. The ABS warning light has been coming on the dash especially when it get very cold out (less than 20 dgrees). The brakes are very weak and mussy. Pedal goes almost all the way to the floor like she has no brakes. If you get it up to 10-15 mph and stomp on the brakes a couple times they been coming back to normal, but not anymore. I've heard this is the wheel speed sensor gone bad? And yes, the brakes are in very good condition and nothing needs relacing like the pads, rotors, calipers,etc... Any suggestions? And how would you determine which side it is?
  2. Z71_guy

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    you can try to bleed the system until you get clean fluid out of each corner. does the abs actually kick in when the condition happens? almost sounds like something is not letting the system build pressure when cold. should get the abs codes checked to see what is happening
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    X2 on getting the codes read since this will tell you more than throwing parts at it since a bad sensor wont cause weak brakes.

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