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    Hello. I'm new to this site and actually posted another question a short while ago over in the CK forums regarding mirrors. As i have the opporutunity and/or learn how, i will fill my signature. In the meantime, i just bought a '99 C2500 crewcab(OBS), with a 5.7 and auto tranny. The a/c compressor was on its way out so had a mechanic friend replace it along with the accumulator and dryer a couple of weeks ago. The fan speed at each setting seems fine, but, the air temperature isn't as cool as it should be. I discovered the air inlet door (beneath dash on passenger side) wasn't operating when pressing the "recirc" button. I bought another acuator, and without installing it, plugged it in; i saw the shaft turn and now am of the opinion that i have a bad actuator and not necessarily a bad control head. Would you guys agree?? If so, I'm not looking forward to replacing this actuator and thought in lieu of, maybe i could simply prop up the blend door in some manner so that cooler cabin air would circulate and bring the temperatures down abit. Am i thinking right here?? If i attempt this, i don't want to break the door and have another problem. Has anyone tried to get a screwdriver or blade head on the shaft of the actuator and turn it to manually operate the door?? Any help would be appreciated. thanks, James
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    Wow, no one?? Anyway, last night I attempted to force the actuator in either direction using a slide rule through the slotted shaft; I couldn't get it to budge. So, this morning I went by a local AC shop and tomorrow will drop the truck off for them to replace the actuator; they quoted me $255 otd, which, i guess isn't too bad based on other quotes i recieved. Also, gonna have them pull and check the orifice tube for any restrictions. James

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