AC Control 1991 version in a 1988

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  1. wl_walker

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    I am looking at replacing my AC/heater control in my '88 silverado because the illumination on mine keeps going dead. I have looked at the ones from newer trucks (up to 1994) and the difference is that I do not have the MAX or RECIRC button that the newer units have. Does anyone know if the newer control will work in my truck?
  2. 2COR517

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    Yeah, the 88-89 had "automatic" MAX/Recirc. Have you pulled yours out? Maybe take a pic of the harness. If it's the same, I would think it will work.
  3. wl_walker

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    Mine is not pulled yet but it is easy enough to do. Do you (or anybody else) have pics of the newer unit and harness to share? Or I can make a trip to the local yard.
  4. ParisDude

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    Heat/AC Control Unit

    Don't waste your time. If it isn't for an 88 or 89 it won't work right. I learned that the hard way. I installed a unit out of a 91 and it allows use of the AC and air direction regulators but the entire unit face does all sorts of weird things. It also won't open the heater valve to allow warm air to flow and won't operate the AC on the high fan position. If it has the Max button on it, it's the wrong unit. You can find them in the junk yard for $25 or so. Go to your Chevy dealership and ask for the part number for an 88 and he'll be able to tell you what other years carry the same part number. FYI the connector is the same on the 91 unit, but the wiring must be different causing it not to work.

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