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    I just bought a 99 Suburban with 104,000 miles. The rear AC gets a little cool but the front does not get cold at all, the compressor kicks on and stays on, the gauge on the bottle of R-134A I bought reads just above 45psi and just into the alert range. I did not put any freon into the system since it read over full. Any ideas.
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    The guage is reading the low pressure side of the system, or you hooked it to the high side by accident & it is undercharged.. I don't know how much experience you have so please read cautions below.
    Do the following with out the freon can hooked to your system!!
    Start it up, turn on the AC & look at the sight window on the reciever drier. If you see bubbles, it needs a charge. You may need a mirror & flashlight to see the window.
    Always wear safety goggles when working on AC because liquid freon will blind you if you get it in your eyes, & MAKE SURE you know the difference between the high side & the low side of the system, because accidently charging through the high side of the system will blow up the can!! If you have no AC experience, I would recommend that you take it to a shop to be charged if it needs it!!
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