Ac starts blowing out defrost on its own

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    2007 NBS Sierra. Has the auto climate control. I'll be driving down the road and it switches from vent to defrost and I can't get it to switch back unless I stop and turn truck off. I guess it resets itself and then works fine. But it'll do it again in a day or two. I'm guessing the actuator is going bad. Anyone have an idea which actuator it is? I can see the one for recirculate and fresh air, I see the heat AC door actuator. There is one on very bottom of unit right above transmission hump in floor. I know the dash will most likely have to come out to fix it. Just need to know which actuator it is so I change the right one.

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    I think I found it. I believe it's number 20 right?
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    Mode actuator is answer. Default mode is defrost so you can drive it in winter if it fails.
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    Try this first . Under the hood pull hvac/erac fuse. Wait 30 seconds put back.
    Start truck ..but do touch any ac or heat controls for 1 minute if this is the problem should set it back to factory default.
    Be good to go. If not will be the actuator at hump under dash.

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