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  1. OleBlue93

    OleBlue93 New Member

    im looking for more accesories to put on my 93 silverado i have already put a 94-98 grille with silverstar headlights and Red LED Blinkers/parking lamps lol with clear corners and a bug shield (it was 20 bucks does its purpose) i also have 2 12 inch alpine type Rs with an old school mtx 1000 watt amp im looking for some new accesories that will make my truck look good and also some performance parts to make my truck a lil hp and tourque ps i have K&N air intake with LT1 long block tbi motor give me some ideas
  2. dwill3015

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    Put some duel exhaust on that bad boy! I would also suggest a Helix throttle body spacer and a Hyperchips performance chip. I have an 87 Blazer w/350 TBI and these are mods I have done to mine with noticeable gains.
  3. OleBlue93

    OleBlue93 New Member

    ya you prolly saw my other forum post i made i have flowtech short tube ceramic coated headers with trual duals to flowmasters single chamber mufflers with dumps but ya i will look through summit for a performance chip also the holley aftermarket throttle body and edilbrock tbi intake and spacer plus dont you have to get longer fuel lines for a spacer
  4. GM_lover

    GM_lover New Member

    i dont know if you have any sort of a body kit on there but if your looking to spice it up id put some new fender flares rocker moldings rocker bars the whole nine yards. that would deff make it stand out i know of this great store that you should check out

    this store ussually has really good deals on oem parts id check it out and see what they can do for you!hope your ride turns out sweeeeeeet!!!
  5. OleBlue93

    OleBlue93 New Member

    thanks i aprreciate it im trying to save up for a lift kit but its to damn expensive but i cant go body lift cause the previousd owner welded a steel beam aross the frame for the 5thy wheel hitch which also the nut is welded so ya
  6. GM_lover

    GM_lover New Member

    lol have fun withy that and good luck

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