Act of Valor/ Illegal tint?

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Sierraowner5.3, Feb 26, 2012.

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    Well I'm sorry to hear this happened to you and agree that it may be a case of him picking on someone that is out of state. Good luck with fighting it and keep us posted on what happens. Showing up in uniform may certainly help!
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    Seems to me if ur n the state ur tag is you won't get pulled over. When I switched to a bama tag and then went home to ga I got a tint tickets from my local cops. Also got pulled over in Florida for tail lights being to black. Always pickin on out of state cars it seems
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    I love texas.. never have any issues from cops about little petty crap like this.. I've been pulled over for my headlight being out.. but he didnt give me a ticket.. just told me to get it fixed. Tint has never been an issue with me either
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    It's VA Beach -- which makes a killing on out-of-state visitors (be they military or students) ... and needs to do so in order to pay for its larger-than-usual police force. This was a clear case of revenue generation and nothing more. Most routine traffic stops are just that -- revenue generation. Even speeding citations are all about revenue, not safety. (Proof - US D.O.T. Study On Effects Of Raising/Lowering Speed Limits:

    Don't sell your vehicle over it. Don't even remove the tint over it unless you plan on staying in VA Beach with it and fear another ticket. Apparently they can't make you remove the tint unless you get nailed for a second infraction of the same law. Here's the basis for my last statement (which may or may not be legally accurate; consult an attorney if you're unsure):


    P.S. I am not an attorney. I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, either...
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    Yea I never understood the local anti Military vibe either, I was stationed there 3 different times and got the same impression everytime, friends of mine stationed there have commented on the same issue. The first time I was stationed there during the welcome aboard class everyone was required to attend they told us the natives werent real friendly and to assume the attitude you were visiting a foreign country.
    The inspection regulation took effect in 99 and was supposed to be enforced by each local base commander, on Norfolk Naval Base every car that was registered on base had to get a local inspection or they werent allowed on base, Oceana, Dam Neck, and Little Creek I never had an issue over inspection, New Port News Ship Yard and Langley AFB required local inspections too.
    Like Erica said though ignorance of the law isnt an excuse, most police officers dont hassle out of state drivers for this type stuff, unless they want to generate revenue or need a reason to stop someone just to get a look in the vehicle.
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    OK. My 2 cents. Before changing anything go to a couple of reputable shops and have them meter the tint. Hopefully there meter is calibrated differently than the officers. If it wasn't by much three conflicting statements with meter find. May just save you a few dollars and the aggravation of removing tint or selling your vehicle. Like radar guns, there is a +/- on the calibrations of the tint meters.
    Just an idea and something that might make the officer look foolish in court for being unprofessional.
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    I actually just heard it is illegal to have ANY tint on your front door windows, but I will double check that with a buddy that is a State Trooper. The way I look at it, I have my truck registered in Mi, they pull me over, and I am just passing through as far as they need to know...ya know I gotta say, Viriginia Law Enforcement(at least in my area) is a big joke in my eyes...but hey...what do I know right?

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    Oh and also, yes Act of Valor it sounds good, going to see it this weekend. Then big hatred of military by cops round here. NO you don't have to get inspected and all that in VA if you are out-of-state registered. HOWEVER I think it's a two state rule, if your state has inspections or emission laws, and it's within two states, then yes you have to. By the way, to the former military that mentioned the whole inspection for base commander deal, that used to be the case, but they are doing away with that.
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    That sucks. Louisiana State Police get real bad about it once every 3 or 4 months about tint and petty crap, but if you're military, they'll shake your hand and tell you to carry on and Thanks.

    Oh coming from a family with 7 Police Officers...I 2nd what Erica put.
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    well well well, here is something that i to have been a victim of in the state of VA. several things to go over here.

    the cops usually wont pull you over on a tinted window violation in a non gang banger or teenager looking truck or car. its a lame ticket and they usually reserve that bs law for pulling you over when they suspect something else. so that explains why you never got pulled over before

    as for the cop being a dick, well its virginia. enjoy your time there surrounded by prudes and judgmental law breaking liberals in charge. that entire state has become over populated with over bearing opinion dictating policy and law. its mind boggling seeing the difference in behavior of law enforcement by crossing over the NC. i respect NC cops. they are for the most part down to earth and doing there job unlike VA cops.

    as for the window tint, when i was in VA it was 0.00 tint for the windshield and 50% for the driver and passenger windows. same for all other windows unless its darker from the factory. VA cops have a window tint meter assigned to there cruisers. this does not give a 100% true or false reading. as for example, my suburban has a 35% tint for the front windows, the meter that the va bch cop used shown 6%. my windows still had mud water residue on the outside and nicotine residue on the inside. never the less 35% was below the allowable tint in VA. my truck was currently registered in VA. i since transferred it to IL. i paid the bs fine of $300 for the tint and decided after that screw it, i paid to have tint now and left it on. never got pulled over for it again.

    as for your court date, trust me, your better off paying the fine before the date and stay away from the court. in VA you are guilty before proven innocent and will be found guilty with max fines unless you have an attorney. you said you got this ticket on 264, so i assume near Norfolk or Ociena. the cops, courts ext there hate military and will spit you out. stay clear when you can. nice to hear they are finally working on 264, when i was there you nearly needed a suv just to travel that interstate.

    DO NOT BUY A TRUCK OR CAR IN VA. i first purchased my suburban there. after your in their system they think you own property tax on your truck for life. its been since 07 when i was last registered in that state and they still send me a year tax bill and every year i have to pay an attorney to tell them to stick it. that state is an infection of the soul. if you get pulled over by interpole, they seem to be a little more down to earth but give it time. they will become infected with the VA corruption virus soon enough.

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    not saying anything here so much about this guys ticket, but i have been to VA. i was there for 4years. i can feel for this guy in aspect to the cop being a dick. they are bad there. the worse i have ever seen. i have been treated better by middle easterners than by the VA cops. government wise that state in overwhelmed with the word FAIL. only state in the union that will mandate a fine and corrective punitive punishment before your actual court date.
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    See I had that problem as well, but I have bought 3 vehicles in Virginia. And the first one I didn't know about the property tax BS, BUT on the second two I did. I told em I would not buy a car from them if they didn't register it in Michigan for me. They did just that, haven't gotten a thing about property tax since. And even with the first one, I ignored it for a few months, they finally called me and I told em, "don't know why you're calling, I ain't payin it, I am not a resident of Virignia" she said "what'd you mean you are not gonna pay it", I responded sarcastically with, "you ain't making me pay a property tax to fund a sh** hole of a state I don't live in..., I am military, I don't live here" she said dumbfounded "ok..."and exempted my account ROFL

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