Active Fuel Management ~ add to older Chevy truck?

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by iouhc19, Nov 18, 2007.

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    I have a 1995 4X4 3500 Long Bed Crew Cab Silverado with the 7.4 engine. The way this baby drinks gas you'd think it was Budweiser.
    Does anyone know of an after marker device that will mimic Chevy's AFM system? Can the engine be programed to switch from 8cyl. to 4cyl.?
    I know there are plenty of devices that will increase the performance but are there any that will significantly increase fuel economy.
    Cadillac had a 4-6-8 system a while back, I wonder if someone could figure out a way to get one off a junker and modify it for our beasts?
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    Active Fuel Management (formerly known as Displacement on Demand) is a trademarked name for the automobile variable displacement technology from General Motors. It allows a V6 or V8 engine to "turn off" half of the cylinders under light-load conditions to improve fuel economy. EPA tests show a 6% to 8% improvement in fuel economy, but real-world highway use promises even larger gains.

    GM's current Active Fuel Management technology uses a solenoid to deactivate the lifters on selected cylinders of a pushrod V-layout engine.
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