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    ~~~~click the picture for more info~~~~

    Special updates each day at approx. 3:30pm PST except weekends and during sales.
    Previous offers not valid after the subsequent update.
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    does the 10% discount code apply to the daily deals? is that page going to change at 3pm? ohh, it's like woot then, fun.
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    Yep... the forum code is good in addition to the posted special, and it changes each weekday around 3:30pm PST

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    Friday the 13th thru the Weekend -

    Adam's In & Out Spray - 2 FOR $13!!

    Regular Price: $29.90
    Daily Special Price: $13.00
    GMTC PRICE: $11.70

    Don't forget to use your forum discount code to receive the additional savings!
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    Tuesday 1/17-

    Adam's Waterless Wash Gallon Refill w/ a FREE 16oz Bottle & FREE Waterless Wash Towel!!

    Regular Price: $52.90
    Daily Special Price: $34.95
    GMTC PRICE: $31.46

    Don't forget to use your forum discount code to receive the additional savings!

    NOTE: I will be on the road beginning tomorrow in Arizona for Barrett Jackson and not available to bump the daily special updates. To see the current specials until I get back simply click any of the previous days specials and they will redirect you to the current offer. You can also follow us on twitter ([MENTION=44367]Adam[/MENTION]spolishes) or on facebook (www.facebook.com/adamspolishes) to receive the daily update notifications.
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    I am assuming for all us Canadian Members, that is all in US DOLLARS?? and does the discount apply to Canadian Members too?? or you have to live in the states?
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    Actually we have an entirely different site for our canadian customers... keeps the shipping costs down as the products will ship from our distributor in Canada. No brokerage fees that way either. Visit www.Adamspolishes.ca

    All the discount codes apply the same there as well!
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    Thats awesome! I will definitely check it out!! THANKS :)

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    I got some "superficial" lines in the leather, ( almost looks like cracks)that I tried to clean, fill in, repair, smoothen, whatever you call it, with leather cream/cleaner, but it won't come out, go away, I don't know the word to call it. Can you recommend something or a plan to repair it... THANKS
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    Tuesday 3/27 -

    Adam's Rolling Detail Seat on Sale!

    Regular Price: $99.95
    Daily Special Price: $84.95
    GMTC PRICE: $76.46

    Don't forget to use your forum discount code to receive the additional savings!
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    Friday 3/30 thru the weekend -

    NEW! Adam's Pro-Grade Detailers Extension Cord at an Introductory Price!

    Regular Price: $79.95
    Daily Special Price: $69.95
    GMTC PRICE: $62.96

    Don't forget to use your forum discount code to receive the additional savings!

    This isn't just some extension cord... this is the mother of all cords, built in the USA with detailers in mind!

    12/3 Gauge Cord:
    At a 50ft length most tool manufactures recommend a 16 gauge cord... 14 would've been better, but if its worth doing - do it right... we went all the way to a 12 gauge cord so power will never be an issue for your car dryers, polishers, vacuums or other detailing tools. Using too small a cord for the run can result not only in lowered performance from the tool, but overheating and damage! With this beast of a cord that'll never be a concern.

    Integrated GFCI:
    Sometimes we forget to think about safety in our own garage... you feel comfortable there, but it only takes one accident to make things go horribly wrong. Since detailing is often a 'wet' activity either from the wash itself or water dripping and pooling in your garage after a wash it only makes sense to use a ground fault circuit interrupter. As a cord dedicated for detailing we made sure this is integrated into the head of the cord so you don't have to worry about it! If you use the Universal Pad Washer or any of the car dryers this is almost a necessity.

    Taking the safety aspect further the terminations at the GFCI and female ends are both water tight. The cord wrapping is also water proof to make sure shorting out is never an issue. No splash, inadvertent spray from the hose, or spill will risk you or your tools safety!

    Industrial Grade:
    The exterior insulation coating is over 2.5x thicker than that used on your average extension cord. That means its more abrasion resistant as well as cut resistant. If this cord gets run over, pinched, dragged, scraped, no matter what... it will hold up to the abuse!

    Included Cord Keeper:
    If you're like me you're very much an organization freak when it comes to your supplies. We include a heavy duty plastic cord keeper to wrap your cord up after each use. Pinch clips hold the male and female ends secure so theres no tangles when you're ready to use it again.

    Guaranteed for Life:
    Just as our 110% lifetime guarantee applies to tools, it applies here as well. We're confident this will be the last extension cord you ever buy. Engineered specifically with detailers in mind you'll find all kinds of uses for this extremely well made cord in your garage.

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