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Discussion in 'Adam's Polishes' started by Dylan@Adams, Jan 12, 2012.

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    CINCO DE MAYO WEEKEND PROMOTION! Your forum discount code still applies, just click the pic to start shopping!

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    >>>Click The Picture For More Info<<<

    NEW! Mini-Americana is here and ON SPECIAL TODAY!

    Have you ever wanted to give Americana a try, but couldn't justify the $70 price? Well, heres your chance to get your hands on the same great wax, but for just $44.95 (before forum discounts) in a new 4oz size. Todays special also includes a 2nd Mini-Wax applicator and a FREE Double Soft Microfiber Towel!

    Don't forget to enter GMTC at checkout to save an extra 10%!
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    NEW! Adam's Wheel Woolies are here and on special this weekend!
    Pick up the 3 pack of these handy tools with a FREE Green Wheel Cleaner for just $40.46 after your GMTC discount code!


    >>>Click Here To Order<<<
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    Adam's NEW American Pride Heavy Duty 12/3 50ft Extension Cord with FREE SHIPPING!


    • Durable 50' Red, White, and Blue coating has printed "PROUD TO BE AMERICAN" repeated down the entire length of the cord
    • Contractor grade 12-Gauge extension cord exceeds minimum gauge for most detailing tools
    • Made in the USA by an American Company and a proud supporter of the wounded warrior project
    • Vinyl pro-power cord has molded water-resistant connectors with reinforced blades, safe for all weather use.
    • Lighted female end lets you know power is ready for your detailing tools.
    • 50 foot, 15-amp cord is 12/3
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    Is the revitalizer a detergent that you add to the washing machine?! Just curious how it works!
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    Do you foresee any of the cleaning tools going on special; such as the wash mitt, or wash bucket grit guards...hint hint :great:
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    Its actually usable as either a pre-treater for stains and/or an in wash detergent so its a little unique. It can also be used to clean your buffing pads.

    For pre treating I recommend using a spare bucket during your detail session full of water with a couple of oz's added. As towels become dirty, lightly spray them with the MF revitalizer, rub against themselves, and toss in the bucket of water to soak. When your detail is done, pull them out, wring out the excess water and toss in your washer. You can use your standard liquid laundry detergent or run our stuff in its place (2oz for large loads, 1oz for small loads)

    Hard to say. We don't plan specials out really more than a few days in advance. They're largely dictated by inventory levels, age, and to some degree demand. If you have a suggestion for something you'd like to see on special shoot an email to suggestions@adamspolishes.com and we'll add it to the list. Can't guarantee we'll make it happen, but if we can we will.
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