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Discussion in 'Adam's Polishes' started by Dylan@Adams, Jan 12, 2012.

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    Awesome deal. Just ordered mine.
  3. Mook@Adams

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  4. Mook@Adams

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  5. Mook@Adams

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    Adam's Americana Premium Carnauba Paste Car Wax Mini ON SALE for $39.95 & FREE Applicator Pad

    • Adds Unbelievable Depth in Shine and Clarity
    • Easy to Use Carnauba Paste Car Wax
    • America's Favorite Made in the USA Car Wax
    • Long Lasting Paint Protection


    After your discount, that's $35.95 + tax + shipping!

  6. AMac

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    AWWW..bummer I missed this one. Would you believe me if I said I haven't washed the truck in over a month? While I do have a small bottle I could definitely use some more and I can never have enough wash pads :)

    Looking forward to the upcoming deals, especially for the holidays!
  7. Dylan@Adams

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    No Codes Needed.
    No Coupons Required.
    No Strings Attached. ​

    Just select the FREE GROUND SHIPPING option at checkout!


    *valid for orders in the continental US only.
  8. Dylan@Adams

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    Thursday 11/1:

    Adam's 36oz Jumbo Super VRT on Sale!!

    Regular Price: $39.95
    Daily Special Price: $29.95

    GMTC Price: $26.96! (You save almost $13!!)

    Don't forget to use the forum code to receive your discount!

    Also check out our new WEEKLY SPECIAL for an additional money saving offer that updates every Friday afternoon!
  9. Mook@Adams

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    Pretty nice price for PREMIUM PASTE WAX!

    Plus! Help Adam's Rock the Vote! (You decide what tomorrow's special is)

  10. Mook@Adams

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    Daily Bump!

    Adam's 5 Gallon Car Wash Bucket with Lid, Grit Guard, and Wash Pad all for only $19.95 before your discount!! Order TWO!

    Daily Special

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