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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by at4rxj, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. at4rxj

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    I have a 2010 Silverado without navigation. My wife's Traverse has a backup camera built into the rear-view mirror. Is it possible to add a mirror and tailgate-latch camera to my silverado, and how hard is it?
  2. TritonBoulder47

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    Yes it's possible, and it's fairly easy... The toughest part will be the wiring... And if you go to the dealer**** and buy the parts, the wiring should all be plug and play...
  3. Dr Len

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  4. jranney31

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  5. Dr Len

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    It will come up on the factory Nav Screen You can use a after market camera and use an interface to your stock system and view it on your nav screen That what I did
  6. Karena

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    Adding a rear view camera is very easy, you may choose a CCD camera or CMOS camera as your requirement, also the rear view camara is generally installed on the frame of the plate number, or you can also buy a rear view system product, which contains a rear view camera, a rear view mirror (monitor) and a parking sensor to make your car rear view system completely assist you when reversing or parking.
  7. bwhitt86

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    Actually no offense but wiring should be the easiest part. the hardest part is wiring it back to the license plate. There's only gonna be about 4 wires normally, accessories wire, constant, ground and reverse wire. If you get it from your dealer normally you just plug it in. The only problem is is if you do have to wire it in your gonna have a hard time finding an accessories wire on the nbs pickups. They have a data wire instead at the deck which obviously you can't use. They do have accessories in the ignition wires but their low current so you have to use a relay. If you can find one at the dealer it will be very expensive and when that stock radio goes out you'll be s.o.l.
  8. Darknesss23

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    Autozone has a rear back up camera system for about $80.. .it's not the full mirror set up but its a little module you can put on your dash... i have been considering getting it I just haven't gotten around to it[​IMG]
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  9. bwhitt86

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    I wouldnt go wireless if I were you either. Alot of times they have a real bad resolution, goes in and out and is very fuzzy. Even expensive ones are never a sure shot. Dont get a cheap one either, their not worth it. Believe me when it comes to car audio/video you get what you pay for.
  10. randomsandwhich

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    you could always upgrade your factory reciever with a DVD/Navigation unit and purchase a backup camera which would show up on the reciever screen. Thats my setup, will run you no more then $1,500 .. just another avenue in obtaining a backup camera, though not the most cost friendly.

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