Adding a middle front seat to a Suburban

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  1. jbeall

    jbeall New Member

    Hi All,

    We're looking for a Suburban/Yukon XL, and we really like the 9 passenger configuration. We came across a good deal on a 2003 Yukon XL, but it's an 8 passenger (two front, three middle, three rear).

    We're wondering about just buying this one and replacing the center console in the front with a middle seat. I was curious if anybody here has tried that, or has thoughts on that? I found these after-market seats:

    Think this would work?

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  2. Crawdaddy

    Crawdaddy Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds like you might want to find a bench seat to replace the two captains chairs up in the front row. I'm sure you can find someone who doesn't want the bench and wants the captains chairs.
  3. vncj96

    vncj96 New Member

    i am really not sure that a bench was offered after the redisgn in 01 but i could be wrong
  4. pmf608

    pmf608 New Member

    Even if the bench wasn't offered on the suburban, it was available in the trucks. I would get a center jumpseat out ofa 2000-2006 tahoe/yukon or 1999-2006 silverado/sierra. If you look around enough - check ebay and scrapyards, you should be able to find a good deal on one in good condition.
  5. jbeall

    jbeall New Member

  6. ct9a

    ct9a New Member

    Those center seats are pretty cool, but expensive. I would go with trying to find a used stock replacement like everyone else suggested, it would probably be cheaper.
  7. Kraziken

    Kraziken New Member

  8. jbeall

    jbeall New Member

    I would be interested, let me know how it works out.

    At any rate, what it's sounding like is that people don't think adding the center seat will an issue, and that it should work no problem? Is that right?

  9. Kraziken

    Kraziken New Member

    I'm pretty sure this will bolt right up in your Burb.

    I took a chance, since the auction said '98-'06. I was pretty sure the bolt locations aren't right, but figure I could make it work. The pictures are deceiving though. In person this seat is much wider than what it looked like online.

    I haven't had a chance to take off my seats to see if I can wedge them in place, but I was leaning toward taking it to a shop to see if they can modify it to get it to work. I like this seat because it has a storage bin still, while the aftermarket ones I've seen are just a seat and a couple of cup holders.
  10. jbeall

    jbeall New Member

    Tried to respond to your private message...

    I tried to respond to your private message on this, but the system said that I couldn't send private messages to anyone but Steve until after I've made 10 more posts. So I sent it to Steve and asked him to forward it to you.

    Short answer is that we're not in a hurry, just let us know how things go at the shop if you take it in to see if they can make it work.


  11. Kraziken

    Kraziken New Member

    It's been my experience, that the 9 seat Suburban is like finding a Unicorn. Or maybe more like Loch Ness monster.

    You think you are sure they exist, but you've never seen one in person. :lol:
    The only 9 seat Suburban I've seen in my generation is in the Chevy brochure that I have. I really don't know why. I find the seat/storage combo way more useful than just the storage unit.

    My 1991 Suburban had a HUGE center console. My current one is alright, but I'd give it up for the extra seat. I've been caught in a few situations where I was hauling gear AND I needed seating for 6, or I did have 9 passengers.

    I ultimately gave up looking for 9 seats, and focused on looking at low mileage vehicles with the goal of replacing my center storage unit.

    Good luck in your search. I'll let you know what I find with my seat.
  12. pmf608

    pmf608 New Member

    You could use the center console you showed... but I would go with a factory one because its guaranteed to match the cloth or leather, whereas one from a different company is not guaranteed to be a 100% match.
  13. johnsstart

    johnsstart New Member

    I agree with other guys id look around for factory just do to the fact that you wont have to spend money to mod anything. The bolt pattern should match without having to change anything. But just my 2 cents since i dont own a burb but id try to stay a close to factory as possible when it come to nuts and bolts of my driving seat. Wouldnt be cool to leave red light and be sitting in second row seats due to shotty mod work.better to be safe then sorry. :glasses:
  14. jbeall

    jbeall New Member

    Well, actually...

    Well, actually, we've found three already. One already sold before we could get to it (aaugh!), the other is a little more than we want to pay, and the third is four hours away and we haven't been there to check it out yet.

    The biggest problem with the one that's four hours away is that they won't give us a price on our 99 Taurus, which we want to trade in. Understandably they want to see it first. So, do we take a chance and drive four hours, only to find out he won't give us enough for the Taurus to make the purchase worthwhile?

    The one that's right near us is a white 2005 Yukon XL with 56k miles. After trading in our 99 Taurus we could get it for 14,000.

    The 8 passenger we're looking at is a Silver 2003 Yukon XL with 47k miles. After trading in our 99 Taurus we could get it for $11,400. So it's got lower mileage, we like the color better, and it's $2600 cheaper. So we have to ask ourselves, couldn't we just *add* the 9th seat for less than $2600?

    We already ask the dealer about having his shop put in the 9th seat, and he said he can only do GM seats, not aftermarket seats, and he has to first check to verify that it's still got the mounting holes for the seat and seatbelt.

  15. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member

    So you have two bucket seats with a center console now? If you want to keep the bucket seats (I would!!) then the little console/seat bolt down is a good idea, what's the cost on that?

    What do the bench seats that you're looking at look like? Are they the full 60/40 bench or are you finding buckets with a center flip-up seat/console?
  16. jbeall

    jbeall New Member

    It has two bucket (captain's) chairs for the front now, with a center console. We would not get a bench, I don't think, we'd just try and replace the center console with one of those flip-up seats, like I linked to in my first post. I've been looking on eBay and it looks like you can get a used seat out of a GM vehicle for $230 to $300. The upholstery would not match, but we'd probably just put a wet-okole on it or something anyway.
  17. Kraziken

    Kraziken New Member

    Stopped at the interior shop today, and it just happenst he shop is moving. There was a person there to help, but not the expert in the matter, just my luck.

    The middle seat is a bit wide, as I already noted, so they weren't much help. I have to get the expert opinion, or pull the seats out myself to see if it will fit. The weather sucks around this time of year here, so I"m not really wanting to do that at the moment. I may have to drive up to this shop during the week for a better assesment.
  18. jbeall

    jbeall New Member

    Well, we went ahead and purchased the 2003 Yukon XL, with 8 passengers and a front middle console (no front middle seat).

    We've thought about it, and I think we're just going to leave the front middle console there and worry about replacing it with a front middle seat at some point in the future, once we really need a front middle seat. Right now 8 passengers is plenty of seating for us! :)
  19. Kraziken

    Kraziken New Member

    The problem is, when you need it, is possibly when you least expect it. I'll let you know what I find out about my seat if you are still mildy interested.

    The need hasn't been often as you mentioned, but sometimes loading up on cargo, you can't use the 3rd row, then you need 6 person seating and maximum cargo room in the rear. It's pretty much why I"m determined to find some solution sooner or later. I hope this seat works, because it is gray and already matches my stock interior scheme.
  20. jbeall

    jbeall New Member

    'Tis true. But we will probably at least wait until we've had one incident where we say "hmm, wish we had a third seat!"

    But, do let me know how your seat works out. We might pick up the seat before we have a need to put it in, and just put it in storage so we've got it.

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