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  1. Ox1574

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    I am about to purchase either a 2010 or 2011 silverado 1500. I really want to find one with the interior plus package so I can have the handsfree Bluetooth calling. My question is, if I purchased a truck that doesn't have it installed from the factory, can I order all the parts necessary and install them myself?

  2. pmf608

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    You can't 'order' the parts per se, but it can be done.

    Here's the scoop...

    GM uses the OnStar module to run the bluetooth. The OnStar module can't be replaced without a dealer being able to prove that your current one is defective - and that one has to be sent back. You can buy used ones with bluetooth, usually on ebay or an auto wrecker and plug it in and it will work BUT the OnStar will no longer work. There is a VERY small group of people (if it's even a group) that have managed to get OnStar working again, but the catch is this: IF you manage to get the OnStar to connect properly again (this involves dealer programming of the module to match your vehicle) then it is unlikely they will be able to match it to your vehicle. Many of the VCIMs (bluetooth/onstar modules) are interchangeable between vehicles (Acadias, trucks, etc.) but it would have to be changed in the database to your particular vehicle and from what I have heard most OnStar employees either don't know how and/or won't do it.
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    why not just get an aftermarkey head unit like a pioneer x930bt with built in Navi, Bluetooth etc... and have some decent sound

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    If you are unable to buy a G.M./Chevy Truck that does not have OnStar (Bluetooth) this may be something to think about and that is OnStar has just Come out with......OnStar (FMV).....For My Vehicle, OnStar has been only available in GM vehicles and a few other cars — until now. OnStar's FMV mirror replaces your vehicle's original rear-view mirror, allowing you to add this safety feature to a wide range of vehicles. It gives you key OnStar services (see below), and lets you tap the blue button to talk to an OnStar Advisor whenever you need to — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, it gives you built-in Bluetooth® for making hands-free calls, and it works as a phone all by itself.

    Crutchfields Sells the Onstar(FMV) package and Best buy does also and Best buys can also the Install, below is the link for both,

    Link to Crutchfields,
    OnStar® FMV Rear-view mirror with OnStar at




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    As I mentioned Above, this would be another Route to keep in mind??........with the Great pricing from both Best Buy and Crutchfields have going on right on......and keep in mind that, beyond Receiving the BlueTooth, you would get All of the Features from this Onstar, just like you would if your Vehicle came with OnStar from the Factory.

  5. GM Customer Service

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    I would have to agree with 99'HEARTBEAT that this is an option for you. I would recommend speaking with your local dealer for more specific information. They also may be able to locate a vehicle in your area with the options that you desire. Please feel free to keep us posted. Thank you and good luck with your purchase!

    Tricia, GM Customer Service.

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