Adding Cherry Bomb/Glass Pack to Flowmaster 44 Series

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by jdickerson83, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. jdickerson83

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    I had a muffler shop install a Flowmaster Super 44 Series muffler on my 94 Silverado a few months ago but I wanted some more sound out of it. I was thinking Cherry Bombs/Glass Packs. Currently I have a single exhaust system w/ an 18" chrome bullet tip. My question is, do I have the muffler shop go back and cut out the existing tailpipe behind the muffler out and have them weld in the cherry bomb/glass pack directly onto the Flowmaster muffler then place the bullet tip back on? Or does the cherry bomb/glass pack replace the Flowmaster 44 Series muffler all together? Thanks for the feedback in advance!

  2. 97chevz71

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    It replaces the muffler all together. If you are looking at cherry bomb i would look at the cherry bomb extreme. i hve them on my truck and they sound pretty mean
  3. jbt56

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    Hey, I'm a noob to the site, but I figured I can contribute to this thread, having spent the past 10 years in the exhaust industry, and the past 30 years in the automotive industry.

    OP, don't be surprised if your truck doesn't get much of any louder with a glasspack in place of a Super 44. And yes, it would replace it. Unless it's 12" or thereabouts in length, the 'pack will probably be quieter than the Flowmaster, with less performance.

    As for the Cherry Bomb Extreme, that's simply an imitation Flow originally made by Imco, designed to not quite infringe on Flows' patents, and keep them from being sued. It sounds sort of like an 'off' Original 40 Series 2 Chamber.

    I realize this post will open a can o' worms, and I'm not here to cause problems. Since I have a '97 Stepside, I'll be hanging around to learn what I can about the beastie, but I do happen to have some knowledge, so will share that when I can.
  4. jdickerson83

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    Thas for the responses guys. If it isn't going to produce a noticable difference I'll keep my money in my pocket. Don't get me wrong, I love my Flowmaster 44 but was thinking I could piggy back. Evidently that's not the case so I'll leave well enough alone. Thanks for the comments guys. Have a good one.

  5. jbt56

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    Actually, if you add one muffler behind another, it will just get quieter. They're mufflers, after all... Not amplifiers!:lol:
  6. Waco

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    you could always straight pipe it :lol:

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