Adding Fog lights to GMT400

Discussion in 'Lighting Discussion' started by thegawd, Feb 24, 2017.

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    Well my wife has taken off with my truck... I really need to get her car fixed, it just hasnt been the warmest out the last week or so. anyways I picked up the wiring harness and I am very pleased with it. It seems to be built out of high quality wires and parts but its all crimped together and so I will be soldering all the crimps before I install the lights. I have already figured out where Im mounting the lights and where I will be running the wires. I found a convenient hole in the firewall from where the trailer brake controller wires were ran and sealed up with silicone, and there will be enough space to rerun the brake controller wires through when I get to it.

    Heres the link,

    Heres some pics of the harness.

    Screenshot_2017-03-17-13-19-17.png Screenshot_2017-03-17-13-22-55.png

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    I havent done the fog lights yet it snowed like crazy all yesterday afternoon, all night n still snowing right now. But the temp is right around freezing so its just melting. Another good reason for the fog lights.... well we have to head out here soon so I'll hopefully get to them when we get back. Gotta get some heat shrink tubes anyways, do it once n do it right.

    But I just bought 4 of these bulbs for my reverse lights, 2 for the truck n 2 spares or maybe for the dump trailer, not sure. Let ya know how they are in 6 weeks or so when I get them.


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    Ok so I have fog lights! I soldered, shrink wrapped and beefed up the harness. I routed the switch wire through the firewall, mounted the relay on the drivers side fender next to the fuse box. I made the positive connection on one of the aux posts on the fuse box, I was going to connect it to the positive connection on the fuse box that connects to the battery but the aux post was unused. I made the ground connection beside the relay. I followed the main lighting harness, strapping it down every 6" down to the lights and up behind the bumper to the fog lights. I used grommets in all the holes where the wire runs through metal. I made a rubber gasket from a black laundry hose to cover the slot on top of the fog lights, I suspect these are mounted upside down of there original configuration but the lenses are on right and it shoots light out pretty good. I used dielectric grease in all the connections.


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    Looking at what I could see of the harness the crimps look to be legit. By that I mean they look like all the crimps on GM vehicles. The big difference would be that OEM crimps would be in a Weathertight connector or in the interior of the truck.

    Is the clear tubing at the connectors vinyl or shrink? Some spade connectors I like to use come out of the package with clear but slightly yellowish shrink wrap about as thick as those on your harness. I use them on interior connections I want to be keyed. By keyed I mean I put females on all positive and males on all negative (truck side) connections. That way nothing gets hooked up backwards. And the thick shrink wrap completely covers the positive connector even before shrinking.

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    Man your full of great ideas Ted! I didnt have any red heat shrink so I used red tape to mark the positive terminals, I never thought to mark them by male/female terminals, thats a great idea that I will have to remember for next time.

    The crimps on the harness before I beefed it up were done extremely well, as in they were hard to disassemble cuz I needed to reuse them. The cover is just vinyl on one side and hard plastic on the other. they make a decent tight cover while connected, Im relying on the dielectric grease to keep the connection good n clean.

    I couldn't find a heat shrink kit so I bought a few different packages from 2 stores but all black. I didnt realize until after I could have really used them that I bought weatherproof double layer heat shrink tubes, you can see one on the + connection at the fuse block, I should have used these on the exposed light connections under the bumper. When you put heat to them it takes twice as long to shrink and a clear fluid oozes out of the ends creating a weatherproof seal.

    The terminals inside the fog lights have the clear shrink wrap over them, pretty slick. While looking at the automotive heat shrink tubing there was a quite a few options but I was taken back by the price. I just always bought the kits with multiple different sizes n colors from princess auto (like your harbour frieght) but I dont live close to a store so I went to parts stores. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of it and will continue to use it wherever its needed.

    Thanks Ted, have a good one!
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