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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by 03 SIERRA, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. 03 SIERRA

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    so i have leather seats but they are not heated:grrrrrr: wtf. yes you may make fun of me but chicago winters are long and cold. i popped off the door switches today and there ais a open plug on the underside of them ( heated memory seat contro switchesl?). the wiring looks like its under the seats so could i buy some loaded leather seats and switches and pop them in ain an afternoon or woul i need to add more harnesses?
    03 sierra sle 5.3 auto 4x4
  2. jackson54_05

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    i've been wondering the same thing, i've called my local dealer, but i got the ole if it didn't come with it then odds are it wont work, sorry bout your luck i dont really know what im talking about speach. but i have been told it will go right in. havn't seen it in writting so im not about to be the test subject here.
  3. pmf608

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    I have never heard of being able to get leather on an SLE, so is there a possibility that it was an aftermarket kit such as Katzkin leather? It may be that on the upscale trucks that the wiring is in place for the seats, but I am not sure. Even if the wiring is in place, the computer may need to be programmed to it. However, it may be possible based on the fact that GM sells plug and play kits for the new trucks (suv's and avlanches anyway, since they all have the upscale interior and door handle bezels can be swapped). If the new trucks don't need computer programming for heated seats, I wouldn't expect an older one to need it. A guaranteed way (if you don't NEED the memory) is an aftermarket heated seat kit. They give you the heaters, the switches, the wiring, etc. and all you have to do is put them between the leather and the foam and wire them up.
  4. 03 SIERRA

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    its the fact that i like oem things to work like oem, switches, components and all. ive been doing research the loaded seats have the module heating elements dual lumbar and full eletcric positioning. it may cost around $600 but its not a problem for me
  5. jackson54_05

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    but are these seats able to pluge in and work, my guestion is if i were to go to a place that selled seats out of a say wrecked truck and put them in mine they would be able to work without any more then just pluging them in, and bolting them down.

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