Adding in-dash navigation to a 2012 chevy silverado 1500

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    Keeping factory controls on 2007-13 GMC AND CHEVY SUV'S with after market head unit

    If you want to install an after market head unit/ nav unit and keep all of your factory bells and whistles you will need to buy a [h=3]RadioPro5 RP5-GM31 Radio Replacement Interface by PAC i purchased mine at amazon for 137.00 or if you are interested i have a Rosen oem replacement unit in my 2010 chevy tahoe that i will sell to you for a reasonable price if interested email me at[/h]
    attached is a link to amazon's page that will give more info RP5
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    From everything I have read, the Advent OGM-1 will give you a stock look and feel, maintain the steering wheel controls, OnStar, and bluetooth. The price in ~$1000. I'm seriously thinking of getting it.

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