Adding remote start - Chevy Remote 2-way [Expired Topic]

Discussion in 'Chevy Equinox Forum (GMC Terrain)' started by jlenko, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. jlenko

    jlenko New Member

    Hello, new 'Nox owner here :)

    My wife just purchased a new 07 Equinox (yes, new... it was still sitting on the dealer lot til two weeks ago!)... and it has the regular keyless entry.. didn't come with remote start, but I understand that if the RPO code sticker lists "AP8" as one of the build options, that it's pre-installed to have the regular remote start added by just buying the proper keyfobs (GM part number 17801236) and programming it using a Tech 2 diagnostic tool...

    I have yet to look in the glovebox, but I'm assuming that's where the RPO sticker is... :)

    What I'd like to know... is the "advanced" two-way remote option to add onto the GM Trucks... I've seen a couple of posts around other sites eluding to it's ability to also work on the 'Nox... just remove the factory keyless entry box on the rear D-pillar, put in a new keyless box (with mega range, supposedly!!) and reflash the BCM to make it all work... and apparently there's no options on a 'Nox that would conflict with it, unlike the trucks with power rear sliding windows... supposedly.

    Now... would I use the 19171128 or the 19171129 kit?? :)
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  2. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

  3. ProzacKid

    ProzacKid Rockstar 100 Posts

    Do remote starts need to be added or can they be flash upgraded?
  4. jlenko

    jlenko New Member

    Well, here we are... year and a half later, I finally bought and installed the GM two-way kit.

    The range is amazing. The old remotes were nearly dead.. you basically had to be right next to the truck, and if you were at the front left corner... still wouldn't work.

    Though.. I'm having an issue. A big issue. The 'remote start' function doesn't work. I'm assuming the dealership screwed up the programming somehow... but I don't know how to tell them to fix it. The keyless works, so do all the other features. Just not the remote start. It just flashes the four dashes on the two-way remote. Stupid.. stupid.. stupid...

    I really, really HATE gm dealership techs. They think they know everything, but they know very little when it comes to working on my vehicles. I haven't found a good one yet (locally, at least).

    On a side issue... we were having intermittent issues with the LF tire pressure monitor sensor. I'm assuming that the TPMS sensors are picked up by the keyless receiver I replaced... which is why part of the programming procedure is to copy & paste the old TPMS info into the new module. If the keyless remotes couldn't be picked up at the LF of the car... how would the TPMS sensor? This upgrade should fix this, right??
  5. jlenko

    jlenko New Member

    Finally got it fixed! But I still have yet to find a competent dealership tech locally. I think I'm going to have to find a Tech 2 to buy myself... save myself the headaches...

    The tech forgot to reprogram the Theft Deterrent Module, so it wouldn't allow the remote starter to function.

    And the issue with the factory remotes range? All gone. You can re-use the factory remotes with the two-way receiver. The range is AMAZING now! (with the factory remotes!) And our intermittent loss of the front left TPMS signal is also fixed... must have been a weak module or antenna connection on the factory receiver.
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