adjusting front torsion bars on 03 S10 ZR2

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  1. mike 96 ws6

    mike 96 ws6 New Member

    I'm running 32x11.50x15 BF Goodrich all terrain tires now that rub the bottom of the front fenderwell sometimes when I turn the steering to almost full turn, both sides.
    I'm going to buy 4 new 32x11.50x15 BF Goodrich mud terrain tires tommorrow and have my front end aligned. But I'd like to increase the ride height on the front first to keep this from happening on my new tires. I'd like to get about another 1-2" if possible and still be able to get the correct camber adjustment when they align it.

    #1 - how many turns should I go in on the adjustment bolt to acheive 1-2" of lift?

    #2 - how far can I adjust these over stock height and still be able to get the alignment correct with the stock suspension parts?


  2. tbplus10

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    Mike I know you want solid answers on this but the truth is theres no way to know how worn your suspension is, even mileage isnt a good indicator, I've seen trucks with 20k miles that were babied and the suspension sags like it has 300K miles.

    How many turns to achieve 1-2" lift?
    As far as the adjustments most times about 3 turns will get you a few inch's but this isnt a guarrantee.
    Your gonna have to go trial and error to get where you want to be, lift the truck, adjust, drop the truck, shake the suspension up real good to allow settling, measure, and repeat as neccessary.

    How far over stock and retain factory settings:
    This is purely guess work, there are no gurrantees here. Your suspension could be out of stock specs right now. Assuming the specs were within factory guidelines as little as an inch could throw them out, and you could go as far as 3" and still be in. Each suspension is different, worn parts make it even harder to be accurate when adjusting like this.
  3. mike 96 ws6

    mike 96 ws6 New Member

    I appreciate an honest/factual answer, and this is about what I figured on - trial and error and based on component wear.
    I had the appointment to get the new tires put on today at noon so I went ahead and made the adjustments this morning.
    The ride height was the same on both sides so I turned both bolts in a little over 1 1/2 turns (10 flats on the bolt head). After driving/bouncing ect that raised both sides ~7/8". I then turned the bolts in another 5/6 of a turn (5 flats). That's a total of 15 flats or almost 2 1/2 turns. The resulting lift was 1 1/4 on both sides.
    The alignment shop found all 4 upper control arm bushings worn a bit so I had them replace those. All ball joints, tie rods, steering components ect were in good shape. The alignment tech said caster/camber/toe all set within specs with no problem.
    So after $1690, it drives and rides just fine and the new 32x11.50 Mud Terrain tires do not rub the fenderwell like the 32x11.50 All Terrain tires did. So I'm a happy camper.
    Thanks for your help Tim!!! :happy:
  4. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Glad it worked out for ya.

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