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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by jordy1380, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. jordy1380

    jordy1380 New Member

    Hey Guys!
    I'm new to the forum and I joined so that I could ask some questions of you more knowledgeable individuals when it comes to trucks. I'm looking at getting a used Chevy Silverado 4x4 1500 and I'm debating on what kind to get, Crew Cab, Extended Cab, or a long box model. I'm looking more into the extended cab and crew cab models because I think the long box models look a little too big and awkward. The best thing that I'd like to have but I'm not sure if you can find it is a crew cab model with a 6'6" box on the truck. I'd like to have the space in the bed along with the space in the cab. It seems if you get the crew cab that you are going to have to sacrifice on the bed length and if you get the extended cab that you are going to have to sacrifice on the cab length in comparison. Does anyone have any suggestions on here??

    Also, do you guys post feedback if I were to find a truck that I like? Could I post it on here along with any links and you can give me feedback to whether or not it is a high price to pay for a specific model? Thanks all!!! :happy::happy:
  2. Conlan Rose

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    Post as much as you want!! Its your thread. LOL. Welcome to our club were glad to have you and help.

    There currently are no GM 1500 crew cabs with 6.6ft beds, 2500's, and 3500's yes. Best option would be a extended cab with reg bed. If you really want the best of all worlds minus MPG get a 3500 crew cab long bed or 2500 crew reg or long bed.

    Also another option I forgot about is the 1500HD which was a limited production model, but I think it has a crew cab and reg bed I will have to check on it tho.

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    Yup 6.6 bed on the 1500HD, but you will sacrifice on MPG because of its big 6.0L.
  3. jordy1380

    jordy1380 New Member

    Yeah, the extended cab with the regular bed is actually what I was leaning towards most. I've looked quite a bit and couldn't find any crews with a reg bed...probably because they don't make any lol. The thing I probably need most is the regular bed size. I'll be using this truck mostly for fishing/hunting trips and pulling a boat. Is there anything that I need to be aware of in regards to tow packages or will just a normal 4x4 work? I really like the Silverado LTZ models with the Z71 on the rear end of the truck, does that have anything to do with the tow package?

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    They don't have the mpg on that site for some reason, but I'm guessing it's not great...15 mpg maybe?

    What's the best engine to look for in regards to durability and mpg? Do the fuel economy chips make much of a difference or are those unnecessary?
  4. Conlan Rose

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    Not a bit. A Z71 while it has better off road equipment and suspension it isnt as good at towing. If only towing a light fishing boat then a reg 4x4 should be fine, but most Chevy's have towing packages now.

    Question what gen of truck are you looking for.
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  5. Pikey

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    when it comes to towing a boat the truck does not need to be 4x4. I towed our 19.5ft cuddy cabin with a 2wd extended cab silverado. I would look for trucks that have the factory tow package installed. At least then you know that it has a trans cooler. The Z71 is just a trim package. Yes, it might have some different shocks and some skid plates, but other than that it is all cosmetics.
  6. Conlan Rose

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    All GM engines seem to last awhile, but recently an issue has come up with ageing AFM (active fuel mangement) engines causing them to burn oil. Pre 2007 trucks have great reliability and are some of the best truck GM has made.

    Yes you can increase MPG with a tuner(chips are obsolete), but it would be minimal.

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