Advice on installing an audio setup in a '07 Silverado Extended Cab? Parts guide?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by crewxp, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. crewxp

    crewxp New Member

    Did I get the wrong subs? Barely any bass coming from it.

    NEW: Got everything hooked up but the subs. Test hooked up one sub to the amp directly and it seems like theres barely any bass. The factory rear speakers produce more bass than the bass! Any advice?

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  2. crewxp

    crewxp New Member

    Just real quick. Stupid question, but just want to confirm.

    Can anyone tell me the order Im supposed to hook everything up with? Is everything supposed to connect to the amp, or is only the subwoofer supposed to connect to the amp.

    I was thinking it was either like this:
    Head Unit->Amp->(Sub)&(Front Speakers)&(Rear Speakers)

    Or Like this:
    Head Unit->(Front Speakers)&((Amp)->(Subwoofer)&(Rear Speakers)

    The Deck has: Sub Out (Left and Right), Front Line Out (Left and Right).
    The Amp has: Audio In (Left and Right), Speaker Out (Left and Right)

    Thanks! Once I get the order setup and figure out how to remove the deck, I should be good!
  3. crewxp

    crewxp New Member

    Hey, I forgot to mention.

    The amp is a MRP-M500. Mono Power Amplifier with a channel 1 (left) and channel 2 (right) input in the back.
  4. crewxp

    crewxp New Member

    i got the door and deck off earlier today but it got dark, so i stopped. ill finish it tomorrow.

    I have pictures of the parts im unsure of. mainly from my amp power kit and something called a stereo replacement interface. i REALLY wish there was someone near me that could do this, but sadly i live in an isolated area. anywho, let me see if i got this right. Correct me if im wrong if you dont mind.

    ^Above is a picture of my amp kit. The blue wire looks like the wire I run to my battery from my amp. I'll most likely have to find the 'firewall' on the truck and drill a small hole, making sure i dont drill through the wrong spot. then hook it up. the clear wire looks like the remote wire? I run that from my deck to amp. The Black Kicker box goes in my hood somewhere, near the battery.

    ^Above is the stereo replacement kit they gave me. Not sure what to do with this. My guess is that if something doesnt git behind the deck, use the connectors to convert it? There looks like a box with a speaker on it as well. weird.

    ^Above is just for reference. Its the back of my deck. Not sure which one is the 'remote' though. Speakers hookup in the 16 pinned one. Sub in the sub out, nothing in the front line out. then hook whatever wires were hooked up in the factory deck into this one.
  5. crewxp

    crewxp New Member

    Okay. I got everything almost installed. The only thing I have left to do is hookup the receiver, run the RCA cable to the amp, then run the RCA cable from the amp to the two subs.

    I have a quick question though. Each sub has a left and right input. So thats four total RCA inputs (2 left and 2 right). The Receiver only has a left out and right out to the sub (Red and white). How do you suggest I hook them up?

    is it okay to only use the left of the left subwoofer, and the right of the right sub? Or should I split them all.
  6. crewxp

    crewxp New Member

    Did a bit more wiring and the hiding of wires. All I have left is to hookup speaker wires from my amp to my subs (Should I combine the positive from one sub and the positive from the other sub to the one positive out of the amp?)

    And.... to find out whats wrong with my hookup. When I have the receiver's bass (no sub is hooked up), at normal, there's a cracking/popping sound when listening to audio. It pops at a higher frequency if I turn the volume louder or turn the bass up. Im thinking of taking it to the closest auto store and seeing if they can figure out whats wrong (if they charge under 20.00)

    any ideas?

    ---------- Post added 10-24-2010 at 12:12 AM ---------- Previous post was 10-23-2010 at 11:38 PM ----------

    Here's some specs/pics/data/audio:

    Amp: Alpine MRP-M500
    Per channel output into 4 ohms: <1% THD+N, 14.4V, 300Wx1
    Per channel output into 2 ohms: <1% THD+N, 14.4V, 500Wx1
    Input Inpedance: RCA IN: 20k ohms | SP IN: 40K ohms
    Frequency Response: 20-200Hz

    Sub (2): Kicker TC10--C
    Normal Impedance: 4ohm
    Sensitivity: 93.8dB
    Power Handling Watts, Peak: 300 (150) RMS

    Receiver: JVC KD-HDR60

    Audio (Of Popping from my iPhone):

    Pics: (It was too dark outside to get good sub pics, so I took a pic of the box)
    Sub Box:
    My Receiver Hookup:
    Amp Cables:
  7. crewxp

    crewxp New Member

    okay, having the car's popping issue looked at by a friend. then when i get it back in a few hours, going to try and hookup the amp and sub. hopefully no issues.

    do you think there will be a issue of power difference bc my amp is 500w (or 300w i think in4ohms?), and my subs are 300 (150) RMS?

    I wonder how I should wire it.
  8. crewxp

    crewxp New Member

    okay. we fixed the sound popping issue. turns out it was a bad adapter that came with the speakers. The factory tweeters his/pop only at real high volumes, so im thinking of just disabling those.

    but my problem now is my subs. i tried testing only one sub hooked to the amp, and it seems like it barely comes on. my rear factory speakers produce more bass than than sub. am i screwed because the subs dont match the amp? Or do I just have to hookup both subs for it to work.

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    oh my god! someone pm'd me and helped me fix it! thanks!!

    I took the amp ground off the seat bolt and held it to the door latch on the side of the car, and it stayed on! I turned the volume up and I could hear bass!! It was awesome! Turns out it was that after all. All I have to do now is fine a place to ground it. Every bolt and piece of metal inside the car (what i had it hooked up to before), has a white paint coat over it. Im guessing that takes away the grounding. So not sure what to do from there.

    And does anyone know anything about this? I dont know how. Not sure if I blew it doing all this, or did it a while back, but my rear left speaker doesnt work. Can I use the front speaker I used to use (factory), and hook it to the back? Or are the rear speakers different than the front?

    So all the questions I have left for now (bc im hard to understand sometimes)
    1.) So my sub and amp setup is good? Someone had pm'd me it wouldnt work. Heres his PM:
    2.) Any suggestions on how to find a good spot to ground my amp? The amp HAS to go under my front seat, and the ground cable is about 3 ft long.
    3.) Can I use my front factory speaker in the back? Do you know anything about that?

    Thanks a lot! I imagine Ill run across another problem tomorrow, but hopefully not. I'ld appreciate it if you could help me then too if I do run across something again.

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