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  1. vncj96

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    So, I plan on cranking the torsion bars a bit on the Mule, just enough to level it out, I just need a little more room while wheelin, my tires do the rest. Question is do you guys that have done this recommend some front shocks that are for lifted trucks or will regular ones do? I am in need of some new ones anyway so let the opinions flow. How will the truck do on road after a little cranking will it be bouncy or normal, will a set of trailmaster or rancho shocks be better?
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    One complete turn of the t/bars bolt is good for about 1/4" of lift. I would measure the truck first and then crank just enough to clear the tires. If you don't go crazy the stock length shocks should be fine. I would drive the truck between adjusting the bars to let them adjust and then adjust moreif needed. I would go with the Rancho's. It wouldn't hurt to go with there new shocks for leveling kits.
  3. vncj96

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    Thanks, like I said I just want to level the truck (maybe an inch), my dunlops fit great under the stock suspension but when she slams down in the mud or on the trail I just want that little bit extra room away from the body, and I dont want to cut the body at all. Oh I would assume an alignment would be needed, especially since this is still a daily driver.
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    I would adjust alittle at a time, its time consuming but you won't over do it and ruin your ride. If your not in a hurry adjust it a little and drive it a few days and see how you like it. If it rides good then adjust a little more till you get it where you what/like it.
  5. marko54

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    I cranked the T-bars on my suburban to level and gained about 1 1/2 "'s. I kept the stock shocks with no problems but i did get it re-aligned.
  6. silveradotrailblazer

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    Every truck is a little differant. I've seen trucks with the t/bars fully cranked and only get 1" of lift, others 2.5".
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    When I had my truck lifted I could only gain an inch by adjusting the stock keys before I ran out of adjustment. I ran it that way for a couple of weeks and found the ride to be very bouncy and "floaty", after I installed the lift keys I gained another 1 1/2 " and the ride firmed up considerably and in my opinion performed much better than stock. The stock shocks are good on a half ton truck with up to 2 1/2" lift. As previously stated each truck performs differently depending on the spring rate of your torsion bars. I say go ahead and get under there and start cranking, you're not going to hurt anything, you'll probably find one bolt is already turned in further than the other, so just count how many turns you put on that bolt and adjust the other one to match. I'd just go ahead and turn them up as far as the shortest bolt will let you and go from there. Here's a list of the different bars and their ratings, I have the YT bars in my truck, If you have the same bars you'll probably get the same results.

    15048307-LH (code XK) (Max torque 4553)
    15048308-RH (code XK) (Max torque 4553)

    15048309-LH (code XL) (Max torque 4626)
    15048310-RH (code XL) (Max torque 4626)

    15712407-LH (code WX) (Max torque 4863)
    15712408-RH (code WX) (Max torque 4863)

    15048311-LH (code XM) (Max torque 5638)
    15048312-RH (code XM) (Max torque 5638)

    15058267-LH (code YH) (Max torque 5913)
    15058268-RH (code YH) (Max torque 5913)

    15712409-LH (code WY) (Max torque 5913)
    15712410-RH (code WY) (Max torque 5913)

    15528957-LH (code GG) (Max torque 6709)
    15528958-RH (code GG) (Max torque 6709)

    15712411-LH (code WZ) (Max torque 7267)
    15712412-RH (code WZ) (Max torque 7267)

    15072933-LH (code YT) (Max torque 7267)
    15072934-RH (code YT) (Max torque 7267)

    15528963-LH (code GK) (Max torque 8615)
    15528964-RH (code GK) (Max torque 8615)

    15528965-LH (code GL) (Max torque 8782)
    15528966-RH (code GL) (Max torque 8782)

    15732338-LH (code XG) (Max torque 9054)
    15732339-RH (code XG) (Max torque 9054)
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