aftermarket aux switches inside cab

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Jimbo3, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. Mr Dragon

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    Sweet a control panel, lets see, SAM Missles? Garage Door Opener? Air Horn? Engine Kill Switch? Hydraulic Suspension System? Lights? Camera? The possibilities are endless, I think you might need a few more switches.
  2. mecuda

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    Best thing is a direct wire from the battery to a relay switch. Make sure that you have a inline fuse between the battery and the relay switch. Make sure the relay is for 30 amps. Once you have the relay set in place you can power up the whole "grid" of switches off of that relay and then wire it back from the switches down to another set of relays that will allow full power to go directly to whatever your wanting to power up. (Battery + >F< ------- Relay ------- Switch) then (Switch + ------- Relay ------- Aux Light ------<Ground>)

    Let me know if that is too confusing. The relay allows you to power up multiple switches, and for the switches to run low amp while opening up the main flow to the items once the switch is turned on. Also, the relay will not allow the switches to "burn" all the time either.
  3. Jimbo3

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    I actually just installed my air horns and air tank and compressor.. I'll be sure to get some pictures up in the the a.m. and I'll use my digital camera so the pictures are nice and clear
  4. Jimbo3

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    I added new pics to my album with my air tank and air compressor..
  5. ChevyFan

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    How can this thread die? It's too awesome!
  6. pmf608

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    :lol: I agree. I'll have new posts for it one of these days... My Avalanche needs switches. It has a sunroof though, so it has the smaller pocket in the overhead console. That means the blank panel I got from GM for my last one won't fit so I will have to custom build the panel.
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    double-ewe tee eff
  8. ChevyFan

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    Never saw any pics on this! Please come back and share.

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