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Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by spammy_h, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. spammy_h

    spammy_h New Member

    I've been researching backup cameras for my 2010 Express, and wanted to know if anyone has some thoughts on this scenario:

    • I want to go wireless / not track 20ft. of wire from the camera to the mirror
    • I've seen some 3rd tail light kits - I like this option, but they're really expensive
    • I would like to use the mirror/monitor solution vs. a separate monitor on the dashboard (unless you can convince me otherwise)
    • Can you effectively use a license plate holder mirror on the Express since the tail lights are not near the tail lights (i.e., the reverse lights are on the frame, but the license plate in on the door)
    • I'm ok with building my own kit (I'm also trying to save money and not drop $300 for this project), but want to make sure all the parts go together correctly.

    If you have any ideas, I'm open to hearing them. Thanks,

  2. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan The Sheriff Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Spammy is your username?
  3. spammy_h

    spammy_h New Member

    Yep - That's me. and I'm real. Not a netbot :).
  4. tsbrewers

    tsbrewers Member

    Well, I might not be able to help you much, but I did mount a camera on my van. I went a completely different route than you want to go though

    First, I wanted the 3rd brakelight one, but didn't want to spend that much either. Next, I wanted wired, since I have heard of too many people not like the wireless option. Too much static and problems. I installed a boyo adjustable camera next to the 3rd brake light. I was hoping to be able to adjust it enough that it would show the hitch. Unfortunately, the back doors arch too much and block the hitch. But I figured out where the hitch is from doing it a few times. I thought about a license plate camera, but it is off center and was worried about the plate lights blinding the camera.

    Then I bought a nice blaupunkt head unit that I hooked the camera to, not a separate monitor. I don't have a rear view mirror since I don't have any windows in my van. For me i am happy with everything though. I would like to add a head rest monitor up above in the head liner, that runs off my head unit, but haven't done it yet.
  5. spammy_h

    spammy_h New Member

    ts - thanks for the info. I appreciate the food for thought. I didn't think about the 3rd brake light camera not being able to see the hitch. Neither did I think about the license plate lights affecting a license plate frame camera.

    I guess I'll do some more research.
  6. tsbrewers

    tsbrewers Member

    The 3rd brake light camera *might* be able to see the hitch. Mine is mounted on the black plastic piece right next to the 3rd light, so it is probably 1" or so further "back" from where the 3rd brake light one is. But, I would say there is a good chance it can't.

    Most commercial vehicles have that funky bracket that mounts on the roof and brings the camera up and over the 3rd brake light. This style would be perfect IMHO, except for the fact it is ugly as heck.
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  7. Kelmannen

    Kelmannen Member

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  8. tsbrewers

    tsbrewers Member

    Let us know how it works out. The cheapest i could find one (a couple years ago) was about $150. I am very tempted to pick one up for $70
  9. gordy's goodworks

    gordy's goodworks New Member

    You could get a stock one out of a junk yard, mine is in the license plate recessed panel right above the plate. You could rig another camera but you would already have the mount in the general vicinity you want it.
  10. Kelmannen

    Kelmannen Member

    i have not got the money to order a camera yet, however (atleast on my savana) the licence plate holder are almost in the midle of the right rear door? doesn't it give you a very bad camera angle?
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