Aftermarket GPS/CD head unit and rear entertainment system

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Browner20, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Browner20

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    I just purchased a used 2005 Tahoe Z71 with Bose, Onstar, XM sat, and a rear entertainment system. I did not want to settle for the vehicles at my local Chevy dealership at the time so they found this previous lease vehicle at another dealership and bought it in for me. The spec on the vehicle included a navigation system but the former dealership pulled out the nav system and installed a regular stock stereo before they shipped. Long story short my dealer gave me a "Due Bill" for the nav system.

    I callled my dealer the other day about the nav system and they are having trouble locating the stock nav system and offered to install a "nice" aftermarket GPS/Nav system. I said it would be okay but after thinking about the Bose, Onstar, XM, steering wheel controls, and rear entertainment system I started to worry about all the potential interface problems with an aftermarket solution.

    I know they make a lot of adapters but has anyone successfully isntalled an aftermarket GPS and left all of the remaining systems in place?

    I have not brought the car back for install so I wanted to have my facts straight before I let them install.

    Thanks, RB
  2. Crawdaddy

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    Personally, I don't know if I'd settle for that. I'm sure as far as they're concerned, the second they hand the keys over to you after installing the radio, any issues with that radio aren't their problem any more. I'd insist on getting the stock nav system so that if anything goes wrong with it, they're directly responsible for it. If you want to switch to an aftermarket head unit later on, that's your business, but if they're taking care of it, they better drop the factory equipment in
  3. identityPRS

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    hello. ill start by telling you not to settle for this...heres why:

    -there is no way of them putting the new unit in and you keeping the bose system
    -depending on the brand that they use, youll probably lose the steering wheel controls
    -your going to lose XM
    -youll probably lose onstar
    -if they can find and interface for the controls, you probrbly wont have the full functions of the stock one
    -they are not going to pay for the steering wheel interfaces, and its going to cost you around $250 for the product and have it installed

    i say keep pushing for the stock one. they said you were going to get it so get it out of them. they have to be able to find it, they are a dealer.

    i work at best buy as a car audio installer and i run into these situations all the time. so my opinion, DONT DO IT!!
  4. TylerR04

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    I would not settle for it. I feel the same way everybody else does...I hate getting screwed over by anybody! Especially after you paid them to do something then they tried to cover up a mistake. :no:
  5. neversummer

    neversummer Member

    Pioneer Avic N4
    the best ive ever ever seen or used. upgraded from N1 which you had to buy all the damn components to keep your stock steering wheel controls and a seperate module for Xm and bose and all that what a hassle but now they have the new N4 avic

    The N4 has it all built in works soo great. cant go wrong I didnt have to buy any adapters or seperate controls everyting still works steering controls, bose sub and speakers, onstar rear entertainment controls everyting works just fine still with the N4

    Good Luck
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  6. bigrob1977

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    pioneer avic-N4 you took the words right out of my mouth. but if u are a stock kinda guy make them live up to what they promised u. the sold u on having all the nav,xm,onstar, rear seat ent being factory make them put in a factory system. i't not like they don't have acess to a parts dept. right? these dealers are hurting for money right now and are willing to cut corners at every turn when it comes to the consumer.

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