Aftermarket Projectors + HID Lights = Bad Idea?

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  1. Hello,
    Just got to thinking about it, i have spyder projector halo headlights and i recently purchased a set of hid kits for them. Does anyone have the same set up and did it work?

    thanks a bunch!
  2. i did it on my 08 heres pix


  3. It works!

    Installed them and they work great! thanks for the pics...(though they didnt work)
  4. KyleZ71

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    How much did you pay? I'm looking at changing the lights of my 03 Silverado.
  5. sonicbluezx3

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    I have been told that doing that is not a good idea unless the projectors were designed for the HIDs... something to do with the cutoff and the heat of the light. I know alot of people who have done it and it worked fine... so I dunno. You should post up some pics though so we can all see how they look!
  6. Alaskan

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    I almost want to say that the weather here in Alaska might help with that heat issue. I'm about to do the same thing here, so we'll see.
  7. DDM Tuning, google it! 40 bucks for 35W and 50 for 55W got all three of my kits for less than 200!

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    Yeah i was worried about all of that but went for it and it turned out alright. Havent yet had a problem and i put 500 miles on it in a week. Ill throw some pictures up soon as i can.

    FMRDEVILDOG New Member

    I was told today from a dealer that you need the projector headlights that are designed for HID light upgrades or else it could melt the inside of the projector headlights. I have the standard chevy headlights with 8000k Hid on the low beams and wanted the projector/halo headlights for a upgrade but he said it would void the warranty and I would be at my own risk. He said the hid bulbs get hot.
  9. elkosp16

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    everything i've read about HID's are that they actually are cooler cause they release the heat more efficiently.
  10. it will not void the warranty. it just different headlights thats all.

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