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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by danny2010, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. danny2010

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    i am installing a sony xplod(i hate sony) into my dads 05 silverado. as soon as i got everything installed i turned the key on and it wouldnt turn on. i was wandering if there was something i had to do extra? i have done several radio installations and just did 1 on my BMW. i know we had to change up some wiring on my friends 02 tahoe when we did his. im lost and ran out of ideas. the fuses are good and i know there is power going to it as i plugged the old raido back in just to make sure. any help?
  2. Dr_Zero

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    Here maybe this will help some it has the wire colors listed.
  3. SilveradoBrett

    SilveradoBrett Rockstar

    The best thing to do when installing an aftermarket head into a vehicle is to get a good wiring harness adapter. All of the colors will match and its just a quick splice from the head into the adapter and then it plugs into the stock wiring harness. I installed a sony xplode this way a month ago on a 2002 tahoe and it worked perfect. I have also installed one on a 96 same exact way and flawless to this date. I would look at getting one if you havent already they are like ten bucks on ebay and make your life a lot easier. Its hard to see the problem without being there to see where you could have went wrong. Could you post some pics and maybe we could help you out a little more. Good luck!
  4. vncj96

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    On all the newer vehicles with everything seeming to be tied into the radio harness i would splurge for the correct one
  5. SilveradoBrett

    SilveradoBrett Rockstar

    The main issue I could never figure out and have learned to accept is when you put an aftermarket head unit in you never get the steering wheel controls to work. I have heard some say you can make them work. Others swear you can't. But if you get the correct harness adapter everything should go smoothly for you. Except the steering wheel controls, but I think you can get them to work. Just havent really explored it to the fullest yet. Good luck!
  6. vncj96

    vncj96 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts will also answer ALL your questions about the steering wheel controls, these days its harder to find something that wont work with the steering wheel.
  7. leadpan101

    leadpan101 Rockstar

    you have to run a ignition wire for the new radio, gm for whatever reason the old one doesn't work with another radio, or buy the adapter that keep the factory sounds it will have an ignition wire on it, 30 bucks at walmart. hopefully that helps
  8. SilveradoBrett

    SilveradoBrett Rockstar

    Sweet! I never knew that! Right on! I havent put a radio in a vehicle with steering wheel controls for a long time. Nice Post! Seems the consensus is that you buy the right adapter and spend the money and get it done the right way. Which in this case is the easiest way! Hope this thread helped!

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