Aftermarket receiver install and choice.

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to choose an aftermarket radio for my '06 Silverado 1500 with the Bose speakers and six disc changer that was factory installed. I have the redundant radio controls and xm capability but no bluetooth. I would like to keep the xm option and also have the Bluetooth as well as add Navagation and a back up camera. I would also like the new receiver to have the monitor that disappears into the unit. I am not afraid of the install but being an old codger who did not get too involved with car audio I am not familiar with all the available equipment. Also losing my redundant controls would be a deal breaker. I would like to get some input from you guys with the experience. I could use my Skyfi 3 in my vehicle but then would loose the radio controls in the steering wheel and the muting when a call comes in...Same if I use the external Bluetooth I think. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    As far as a new deck with navigation, right now the best ones are made by kenwood in my opinion. There are two different types of receivers you can get, single din flipout and double din. If you put a single din in it, you will have a pocket beneath the radio and the screen would retract out. A double din would sit flush basically and for those years of pickups they look really slick so thats what i would go with. As far as double dins, I would get the kenwood DNX9960. Its got bluetooth made by parrot, voice recognition navigation with lane assist(tells you what lane you need to be in), ipod capable so that you can plug your ipod in and it will charge it while being able to control it from the head unit AND watch movies from it (which is pretty standard on all kenwoods), surround sound processor, 5 volt preamp outputs, 6.95" screen, satellite radio capable, and 2 year warranty. Thats gonna run ya about 1600 bucks. If your lookin for somn a lil more wallet friendly, Id go with the dnx-7160. Little bit smaller screen with the controls on the side. Its got parrot bluetooth, garmin nav, no voice recognition, 2 volt preouts, 1 year warranty, and is satellite radio capable. Thats about 1000 bucks. Both great units. Now for the install part which is a little complex. You will need a kit, harness, and antenna adapter. The kits about 20 bucks and the antenna adapter is about 13 bucks. The harness on the other hand is about 100 dollars. The main reason for that being your door chime is ran through your speakers so you will loose that if you dont use it, also there is no accessory wire it just has a data wire which the harness gives you an accessory wire otherwise youd have to manually run one, and the last issue obviously being the bose. Your factory xm will not work with any aftermarket unit. The majority of decks are satellite capable but you still have to buy a tuner which will cost you about another 100 bucks. Lastly your steering wheel controls can still work but yet again you have to buy a peice for it which rune about 100 bucks also. So overall youd be looking at $330 plus the deck. Thats the basic rundown. I will tell you there is NO other way to make it work without that harness. The install is pretty straight forward. Those dashes pop of easily. But if your not comfortable with it dont do it, get a pro. Thats my spiel on that subject. Let me know if you have any questions

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